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Steroid Injection

Hi. I've had ongoing lower back pain since the birth of my first child 6 years ago. About 6 months ago it got a lot worse and had 4 weeks housebound. Since then I've had constant sciatica in my leg and an MRI scan showed a large herniated disc. I have been going to physio and doing daily very gentle exercises, but if anything they make me worse as my muscles in my lower back and glute are so tight. 3 weeks ago I had the steroid injection which seemed to work for 1 week, but after a yoga and bike ride I was back to square one, with slightly worse pain than before and back on the Zapain. I am now awaiting my review with the specialist but am feeling very depressed about the future of my back. Does anyone know what the next step will be from the doctor? Does anyone have suggestions for different medicine for me? Naproxin gave me a bad tummy and Zapain does work, but it also makes me quite "rushy" which is t great. Many thanks.

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I think perhaps the yoga and bike ride might have been a bit soon after the injections. From experience I'd suggest persisting with very gentle exercises and get a regular light sports massage if you can, you need to help those muscles loosen. For stretching the glutes etc I find Pilates very helpful, and have had some one-to-one sessions with a very good tutor. I now share two-to-one Pilates sessions with another lady who has back and shoulder pain. I know a class would be cheaper but I've come to greatly value the benefit of the closer attention in the 221/121 sessions. The improved circulation also helps my pain levels.

I can't take medication, my digestion just rejects it!. I have re-usable ice packs and also lidocaine patches. The latter also give me digestive problems, so I use them every other day at most. They were prescribed by the local pain management clinic but I think some are available over the counter (probably a weaker dose).

I also had steriod injections, two years ago and five years ago. The first one was wonderful, but several house moves in few years put paid to that, and the second one like yours lasted only a week or two. :(

I don't have anything like a herniated disc, so can't advise on that except to ask if you've seen an osteopath?

Somebody recently posted about possible undiagnosed spondylosis, which mirrors my situation, so I'm now about to follow that up!


Hi Martha, I just downloaded this app today and saw your post. I also have a herniated disk in my lower back, found in an MRI about two years ago.

I agree with the previous response that you may have started to do too much too soon after your steroid injection. I have had two injections, about 6-8 months apart. The pain management doctor wanted me to do a series of three, but I can't afford that, so I just get one when the pain gets too bad. I've been prescribed a low dose of hydrocodone, but I take that sparingly while I wait for an injection appointment.

I admire you for doing the physical therapy and gentle exercises. I don't have a lot of self-discipline when it comes to regular exercise.


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