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Sick of pain

Sorry. I just need a little vent. I am feeling very fed up with myself, my body seems to be fighting against me. I'm struggling to get through a working day that woukd have been a breeze a year ago. I've had corn grow under my big toenails one of which became infected. Feels like stubbing my big toe every time I take a step. My legs ache like toothache with puffy ankles and feet. Can't get walking boots on (lots of walking in my job). Walking uphill hurts my back and downhilk hurts my back and my knees. My neck aches and sometimes burns from my neck to shoulder and down my arms, like toothache again. Then there's neuropathy, in right arm and both legs. Less now with amitriptyline but still there sometimes, fizzing and creeping just under my skin. Then there's the itching, specially neck and arms and my kidney funcion has dropped a bit. Grrrrr. Ohhh and headaches and I brok9e a tooth! And my hands. The knuckles throb like my knees and are stiff. Ffs! Rant over. I feel much better now!😊

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Hi, sorry to hear you're struggling so much, maybe time to push your GP and get some referrals organised at least try n find out what's wrong not just let them mask it with meds. You think it can't get any worse but it can and does depending what you have and if you're lucky to be treated correctly. I was told l was making up pain in my head for 12years not taken seriously so changed Gp got referrred to rhuematology and diagnosed with widespread CRPS from a car crash l had in 2001. I can't drive or walk without moon boot n crutches but praying stay like this as next step is wheel chair as l can't walk far or pass out. Nhs ruined my life through discrimination as even if l did have mental health problems l should still be treated, not dismissed without any investigations. It's affecting my internal organs now and l'm sick chest infections etc a lot. Burning nights crps is a good website for info. Don't look up NHS as info sounds like CRPS is a walk in the park, even GPs and specialists never heard of it, no research in UK or support groups as rare neurologicol disease. Guess l'm just trying to say don't give up trying to get the help you deserve, l got all my medical records after nhs let me walk on 3 displaced fractures for 18months l went private after that after 4 orthos nhs Fife told me all ok yet private ortho planned surgery plates screws fix ankle joint last Dec in nhs Edinburgh but too risky with CRPS. Its beyond comprehension what is in my notes and the blatant serious mistakes, misdiagnoses, wrong assumptions, even one said 'take what she says with a pinch of salt' in a referral letter attached to a 3 page scan report showing solid masses, complex cysts n much more?? Unbelievable!. Anyway, wish you all the best and don't give up. God Bless.

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Thanks for your reply debsreed. After 4 appts with different gps I finally got an appt with my own. So many surgeries have closed in Brighton that ours is oversubscribed. Anyhow I took my partner with me and he helped me tell the gp all my symptoms including stuff I didn't know - apparently I cry and whimper in my sleep with pain! I had a bloods screen 2 weeks ago and all but my kidney function came back clear. She listened, made notes then said she suspects I have either polymyalgia or fibromyalgia so I am booked for another blood test and will know in a couple of weeks. In the meantiime she is trying me on a stronger GABA stimulator than amitriptyline, gabapentin but I have to monitor any effects, particularly my kidneys/urination carefully. I feel relieved because she believed me and is taking my symptoms seriously, something I just wasn't getting from locums. I am sorry to hear you've had such a rubbish response from your medics and I hope you het some apprpriate and effective treatment soon x


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