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Any crps sufferers in Scotland on this site could you get in touch by emailing Crps Debbie on Facebook as need some support group etc here!

Lots of info and maybe can help each other as no one seems to gets this disease took 12 years of NHS telling me all in my head until l changed Gp and at last referred to rhuematology May this year who diagnosed widespread Crps since a car crash in 2001. Hope you get in touch Crps Debbie on Facebook. I'm not very technical but CRPS awareness is zero in the UK and maybe in numbers we can get the support and treatments we desperately need. Thanks Deb 😕

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One of my best friends in Scotland has CRPS. She is very involved and I thought there was a FB page.

If you message me I can give you details.

We ask embers not to give out emails on here but in private messages only

Pat x


Why just Scotland? I'm in north of England and have a wealth of knowledge about CRPS as someone who has it and being a qualified nurse


I can hardly type due to crps and eyes affected by crps too also trying get words correct and right way round is very difficult due to crps, l had help setting Facebook up as l can't remember how to do things anymore. The reason for Scotland is maybe some sufferers live near enough to meet up which is a struggle l know but l need any support l can get and preferably not by having to type out my emotions, fears, questions, weird symptoms etc. I'm 45 not been able to have kids due to pain, nearly married until the abuse got too much 7 years ago, l live alone and can't even drive anymore. Due to crps my bowels don't work so random incontinence thanks to having take moviprep twice a week, l'm in moon boot and crutches 2years now and can't rely on my own body to go anywhere alone not that pain allows me freedom to choose, just Church when able. Seeing as you have crps l'm sure you understand all this and all the other debilating symptoms that come with CRPS and had zero help from the NHS as told l was making it all up for 12 years. My sister typed this for me, l hope this explains why l asked in Scotland. Best wishes to you, hope and peace.


I can relate to your situation. I too have been in an abusive relationship and seen my mobility reduce. I rely on auto text. It can make for amusing conversations. I laugh at myself not being able to wipe my backside without doing it a trick a consortionist would be proud of and getting a coat on is a 3 spoons task.

I understand why you want to keep it local. Have you considered including people who have MS? I have made a few friends local to me who have MS and their experiences are very similar. CRPS is such a lonely condition. Many bright blessings for less pain days x


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