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Any answers on treating and diagnosing burning foot pain

Chronic burning, pins and needles in both feet 24/7 for the last 4 years? The Dr's just shrug it off, I can't!

Gabapentin, CBD oil or THC does not touch the pain, the hospital injected me once with Hydromorphone and I could still feel the pain. I have heavy metal toxicity and Lyme disease and cannot methylate on my own, I'm only 50 yrs old and have to now use a wheelchair to get around.

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I have neuropathy in my feet which causes burning shooting stabbing. Gabapentin did not work. Lyrics does. 75 mg x 2 daily. Find neurologist. Don't let docs shrug you off. There are plenty to chose from. Good ones hard to find, but they are out there. Good luck!

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I’m having same thing and it’s painful. Haven’t even mentioned it to my doctors yet as they can’t seem to figure out an effective treatment for my psoriatic spondylitis even.


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