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Pain and swelling in ball of foot


For years I've been suffering with sporadic pain in the ball of my foot but about 2 months ago after a lot of walking the pain came on very badly (I couldn't walk afterwards) and has never really gone away. I've also noticed the joint has been consistently swollen the whole time.

I suffer from: high arches and plantar fasciitis as well as my big toe bones pointing inwards (not bunions)

I do have an appointment with a podiatrist at the end of the month but I was wondering if anyone has had anything similar and what your diagnosis/treatment was?


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This could be all sorts of things, so probably best to get to the podiatrist first. Who diagnosed the plantar fasciitis? That is often misdiagnosed too. About 80% of heel pain is PF but that other 20% means that people think they have it and then don't understand why it won't go away with treatment. It is because they have some other problem!

I hope you can keep comfortable until you see the podiatrist.


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