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Ouch hurty

i have early dcis to n my right breast, can't do biopsy as it's too small yet, so I have to live with cancer for a year before they see me again hoping it's grown.

Ive been feeling unwell for almost a year and for the last 4 months middle back ache,? Doc put me on treatment for depression, I've been diagnosed with fibromyalgia and I'm now on morphine for chronic pai

I had been getting very serious pain in my gut sometimes and I put it down to a anti inflammatory diclofenac , I've refused to take them now, anyway this pain is the intermittent but severe enough for me to consider calling 999 . But it eased after taking my old pain treatment of zapain and tramadol , so I've put it down to my old ibs cramps (self diagnosed)

anyway I had a blood test last Thursday and Monday morning the doctor called me in as an emergency appointment, all my 6 vials of blood have markers against them ,

apart from my fibromyalgia medicine the doctor decided to simplify all what I was on to morphine tablets and liquid morphine. His decision shocked me but I agreed. Now for the shock, I have been very unwell for about a year. Can't put my finger on why, passed of by old go as depression and hormones (49) again I didn't argue,this time when I found dcis I decided to make an appointment for the doctor I am registered with and not another locum,

he decided on a battery of blood tests hence changed of meds , now he told me I have bad anemia, not much vitamin d and very low b12 , however he went on to day I have very small red blood cells and high white cells, also high inflammatory markers, he said I'm losing blood internally, not noticed any in my poo and it's very soft and I have to flush often to get rid( likes to float) sorry for being graphic, he called the hospital there and then, waiting now for emergency appointment with them in gastrointestinal unit , I'm putting 2+2 together now, what with the stomach pain and a associating poo and constant middle back pain I'm worried it's also pancreatic cancer,

i know I shouldn't jump to conclusions and wait but it's really getting me down, I have no friends now I don't work and my family are almost 260 miles away. I found out on my husbands 60th birthday bless him. I have a son and his busy family not far away and a 29 year old daughter who lives with us ( my carer) also our 13 year old daughter ( she is unaware) . I have no one to talk to and I'm not sleeping blah blah ,

sorry for my ranting


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Hiya julie. I'm sorry to hear what your going through. I went through this with my great grandmother and wasn't very nice. Always here if you need a chat just message me!


Hi Julie. Thank you for the graphic details. Too often folk avoid mentioning these subjects and very often the details of stools and their passing or not can add big clues. With taking MST and liquid morphine many folk find a great difficulty in producing stools rather than flushing them.

I am often about in the small hours. Especially when it is wet. Rain pain adds plenty of misery. Like most pain sufferers anything that aids distraction is welcome. I am happy to chat about any subject whether here in Pain Concern or in a Direct Message.

Kind regards, Rib


I'm sure that dealing with fibro on it's own is hard enough without all these other things to deal with. Try and think positive by knowing that they are doing all they can to help you and they will get their in the end. I know it'd a lot to deal with but it sounds as though you have a supportive family which is great. If you feel like a rant or just want to speak to a non family member you know where to come. Keep your chin up. X

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That's a lot to deal with all at once. The wait must be unnerving for you and I can only hope that you receive some useful information in the very near future so that you know what you are facing.


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