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Knee pain

Knee pain is a common issue, as do physical sport a lot so putting pressure on knees. Over a long period of time knees have feel to given way, tingling in my knee and can hear popping and cracking. Been to local GP and just been told todo exercise which haven't work. At the moment in pain by just relaxing, what to do to take pain away? And is there any diagnoses?

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Did they at least do an x-ray? I am having a TKR due to first a meniscus tear that slowly became bone on bone and 24/7 pain that feels lIke a Charlie horse from mid calf to mid thigh. I am all to familiiar with pain.


Have you seen a physio to get proper exercises to do? Sometimes people can assume that they are doing the right type of exercising but what they are doing is actually making things worse, or sometimes even doing too much.


There's some useful information about exercises and knees on this site:


May need Physical Therapist

Helped me. Did not cure me.


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