In shock!

Please help .....I am desperate. I wrote a few days about how my feet were giving me so much trouble ie flat feet over pronate failed bunion surgery . Have also got pudendal neuralgia and attended pain clinic for that problem. Now I have been told I need foot fusion surgery but am hight risk of CRPS as I have neuralgia anyway. Have not been able to walk properly for three weeks now and have seen my podiatrist . Am trying to wear my orthotics but feel my whole body has gone into shock. I even feel nerve pain in my's like I am disorientated, a bit like trying to get used to new spectacles. Every so often electricity surges thro me. My husband tells me to calm down and I am being obsessive. I just cannot get thro to him the level of my pain. In fact he just shouts at me. I have visited the GP who has referred me to an orthopaedic surgeion but as I am really aware of the risks am trying to cope with orthotics. Podiatrist says my body is in trauma with everything that's ahappened. I don't know where to turn....I think my orthotics are a bit out of date as they were prescribed years ago so am happy to get new ones or should I just try and sette with the existing ones?

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  • Hi, I'm sorry sorry to hear how bad your pain is at the moment. I cant offer much other than my kindest thoughts are with you. If you are not under a pain clinic specifically I would highly recommend asking for a referral asap. Does your husband ever go in to appointments with you so he can hear the professionals understanding approach. I think your description of feeling of being in shock is so right ..i often refer to this too so good to not be alone in this. Definately go back to gp and don't lose hope and take care x

  • Thankyou for your kind reply. I have completed a pain management course for pelvic pain ,where the emphasis was on stretching,exercise,mindfulness and reducing medication. I made amazing progress and on coming home we had a fabulous holiday. Three weeks after our return my right foot was in agony (it's been painful for years) but to make matters worse my left foot started to ache. Three weeks on and I can hardly walk! The pain clinic as all medical professionals only look at one part you at a time. I have been referred for my right not my left foot,my pelvic pain,my back pain etc where I think it's all connected! As a result of walking due to target setting on the pain management course , feet are in agony which has set off my back and pudendal pain. It's just one huge vicious circle. My husband accompanies me to medical appointments and he was so pleased with my former progress I think he too is totally disheartened . Anyway Thankyou for your kindness x

  • Hello Sky58 I have problems with my feet. Well in particular my left foot. I have had cortisone injections for the last year but they do not last for long. I have finally given in as my Surgeon gave me another guided foot cortisone injection in theatre guided by an ultra scan only in february. That did not last long either and I am now having surgery for a foot fusion on May 7. I have got to the point now that it is so painful I will try anything. Hope that you get the help that you need, and no one knows what the pain is like. Walk a mile in our shoes.... (quite literally speaking).......

  • Hi just wondered how your operation has gone. Hope it was successful though I know it takes a long time to recover from foot surgery. I am waiting to see a consultant about possible fusion too. Best wishes Kate x

  • Hello Sky58 had my left foot fusion on 7 May. Was groggy after op and on morphine drip but only briefly. The hardest part for me was the non weight bearing for 2 weeks, but now I have my boot on it is a lot easier. Still need the crutches and still cannot walk without boot so this will take me to 15 June when I see the Consultant again. He was pleased with the op and the wound is healing nicely. I have to inject into my stomach for up to 6 weeks for blood clots but apart from the bruising I am fine with that. I hope that it takes the pain away when I walk, but as yet I do not know that. I have since been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia, so now I have that and had spondylosis cervical. I keep fighting I have to even when I get depressed and low, we have to fight. Good luck!

  • Hope you find the operation has been successful . Sounds like the consultant is eased anyway ! Will be thinking if you Kate x

  • See the podiatrist again in case they can help with better orthotics and maybe ankle exercises.

    Have you considered the possibility of hypermobility syndrome as a diagnosis? If so be careful of the surgical route as many surgeries are failed in hypermobility syndrome cases.

  • Sounds like that you need to have a look at your posture. How your posture is reflects where the weight bearing points of your feet are. This then effects how tense your muscles connected to the feet become.

    It is worth seeing if Alexander Technique can do anything to reduce the problems you are having.

    Once foot fusion surgery is done you will be stuck with the side effects which will be permanent.

    Posture starts with the head which is heavy. If the head is not balanced on top of the spine then you will end up with tense muscle which cause muscles in the legs and feet to become tense. Having the head balanced on top of the spine will enable a lot of muscles to be more relaxed.

    Hope this helps

  • I have had cortisone injections but the joint is too badly damaged for any more. Put my otporthotics in my uggs today and what a relief! Yet when I put them in my sandals or soft trainers my feet hurt. Wondering if I need a pair of orthotics for each shoe type?

  • Poor you it all sounds awful. On going pain does drag you down and you need support from your husband to enable you to carry on. Sit down and talk to him and tell him how you feel. As for your orthotics it sounds as though you need an upgrate. It may be worth looking at your medication as some meds do allsorts of funny things to your head. I know mine did and pains in head stopped when i came off them. Just a thought. Keep strong and do speak to your husband as he really does need to understand what your going through. X

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