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Out for first time in 7minths

Hi think I did say I would get back to let you all know how I got onnot good at all woke up early thinking about going out for the meal would I be ok or would pain overtake I made it to car and to the restaurant with not much problem although felt dizzy and weird can't really explain it sat down with friends food not good at all

Came home and felt so week sat on bed brother arrived which I know sounds horrible I love him dearly but I just needed to be alone after he had gone went to bed and that's where I stayed until this morning and to wake up to find muscles pains in legs were back agape unabeling me to walk without pain

What went wrong ? And now I am worrying about having to to cut steroids down I will have to try I think I don't want to take them but I would like a bit of relief 7 months is a long time for me to be

In this kind of pain where it stops me walking is there someone out there who as the same problem that stops them walking thank you for reading rant once again

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It's so difficult to deal with all of this. I was deconditioned after recovering from an accident that involved multiple injuries. The deconditioned state of my muscles aggravated the existing musculoskeletal problems I'd already had before the accident and didn't help the new ones I'd acquired from the accident.

The simplest things were so painful and between starting and stopping because I literally couldn't take more than one small step for a while, it used to take about 20 mins between getting out of bed and reaching the door (the room is pretty small).

Every time I caught my foot the intensity of the pain in my leg and back meant that I couldn't see and I could only take a step at a time before stopping and waiting until I could take another one. (It was bad enough at home but given the state of the pavements in most areas I used to catch my foot and endure this every time that I went out.)

I'm fortunate in that physical therapy has worked very well for me - I can hardly believe that was me, looking back. Building up the range of motion of the joints and improvements in the strength of the muscles has changed my life for the better. I know that not everyone responds like this and I'm glad that it was right for me.

I'm still affected by the deconditioned muscles and it's taking a long time to improve everything and I get impatient - but taking a longer view, I'm so much better than I was.

Has your GP prescribed the steroids because you've waiting for a referral for diagnosis? Are you working with a Pain Clinic?

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I was given steroids for pmr in nov 2015 with an apology for not picking it up before have had a fall and then a blackout since then and spinal stenosis and discs problems were also picked up so it has been a difficult time tryin img to figure out what is causing what pain but I'm sure I will get there I have a/f kidney transplant hip and knee replacements

Have had disc removed which is still causing problems c.d I think the list could go on longer 😂😂😂so I'm sure I will be able to cope with this

Thank you for your comments and take care



Just wanted to tell you how very sorry that I am for your pain. We could be related with all that we have going on. I too have PMR, only my last blood test showed that it was in the normal range. However, I still have some PMR type pain. It is so different from the pain from the herniated discs, I have 5, along with spinal stenosis, bone spurs, DDD. Sadly, I have no advice, just solidarity, encouragement, and hope for us all.


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