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Sciatica and Phn pain same time?

Hi I am new to this forum. I am having terrible byrning pain in my right leg, thigh and calf which has started three weeks ago around Easter time. I was having sciatica pain and am treated by an osteopath for the last few months. It all started in December before Christmas after a nasty bout of cold and chest infection, despite having had the flu vaccination. It started with a bearable oain at the back of my knee then weak foot, dormant calf and thigh. I used a chiropractor to get it right but the last session, after the usual massage, I exper a terrible pain n my leg which reduced me to tears. This was three hours later my treatment. Doctor diagnosed sciatica nerve pain and gave me the usual medications is amypitrylline pain killers and codeine. I took only pain killers and was referred to an osteopath for massage of deep tissue. I was coping rather well till four days before Easter when I develooed a rash over my right hip. I though it was an allergy due to so many pain killers I had taken for a while. I used calomine lotion and apple cider vinegar. No chance to have an appointment with my Gp. The rash did not spread but three days later the whole leg and back started to burn like fire . I cannot move without this fire starts again. I am using hot/cold pack all pain killers without any improvement whatsoever, my life has become hell! Can the two thing coexist together? What can I fo. They have given me a Mri and there is a l5/s1 bulging disk but it is mild. They say it is irritating the nerve. Please help. Even at the hospital could not tell me much about the rash alrhough the trace was still there.

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First of all, the flu vaccination is only for three different types of flu virus, so it is likely that you had a normal cold virus which wouldn't be helped by the flu vaccination.

Has your GP eliminated the possibility of viral arthritis? This is when a virus gets into the joints and causes problems. That comes with a rash too.

And yes, people can have lots of things going on at the same time. It is called Hickham's Dictum: Patients can have as many diseases as they damn well please!


Hi after reading your post I felt I may be able to help you (Not with rash as haven't had this) I have 2 slipped discs and worn discs sciatica tilted pelvic due to work accident. I am on so many pain killers all at same time for sciatica I went to a chiropractor who totally helped me but moved and went to someone else who completely ruined everything I am more pain than I ever was and I was in a bad way but the sciatica is like torture as you can not find it at all and nothing helps OR SO I THOUGHT!! This actually helps sit on floor with ur knees on floor ur bum sitting on feet stretch out arms slowly in front of you like a very slow slide what happens as u do this is ur heels dig into ur bum and basically hit the sciatica nerve come back up very slowly then repeat dig heels into bum as much as can u can pain allowing, do this for at least 5-10 minutes depending on state of ur pain that day and this really works for me!! On ur very bad days I wouldn't even try it I can barely move without pain but if you can do this!! It is also on YouTube under sciatica pain and u will see how she does it. Sorry hope I made sense and really hope this works for you but obviously after u know what the rash is and get the help you need. Good luck hope all goes well xxx

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Thank you


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