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is it my age

in the last two years ,i am 63,i have gone fron one illness to another 2015 in january after my doctor perscribed co-codimal i suffered for two months with a flare up of diviculitis,2016 feb i had my first attack of sciatic ,took me three months to recover ,this time i started to get breathless on walking if well enough i walk my dogs 1hour every morning,i put the breathlessness to being unfit after not getting out with the dogs,since then i suffered even doing things like housework left me short of breathe and the hour walk took 90mins,now i have been told after test my left lower chamber of my heart is slightly enlarged ,i have had several test and waiting for a angegram?,so they have not actually found out whats wrong but have been put on water tablets and beta blockers,i have controlled my blood pressure for years with tablets and dont understand how they can prescribe tablets when they really dont know whats wrong with me is there anyone else on this road.sorry for the spelling

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Your GP might well be able to explain why they've prescribed whatever medications they are in the interim, possibly to help manage your symptoms, while they're waiting for a fuller diagnosis.

The breathlessness sounds like it would be a right pest as you go along with your day-to-day activities. I hope that after you've had the angiogram and other assessments there will be a clear treatment path for you to return to your usual form.

Good Luck!


thank you for your reply i did have questions for my doctor thinking i would see him but in fact he rang to say the tablets were at the chemist its not the same by phone,but will see him in three weeks time ,just want to be able to do thing with out feeling tired and breathless lets hope i can get back to normal soon


I don't think it's your age. Were any of your illnesses triggered by a cold or sore throat?

Have you put on unexplained weight?

Have you ever had blood tests to check your Thyroid gland? Would you consider asking your doctor for the following blood tests: FreeT4, FreeT3, TSH, Thyroid Antibodies and Vitamin D?

Do you know that Cocodamol causes severe constipation? Do you take Lactulose medicine and /or Fybogel sachets when you take cocodamol?

It seems that they have found this slight enlargement of your heart and you are waiting for the Angiogram to try to find out more. You should get your diagnosis after your tests but if you want to find out more sooner why don't you see your GP and ask questions. You can always ask for diagnosis. My mother lived many years with greatly enlarged heart. She had lots of heart and lung disease though. It did slow her down but she also had severe arthritis and osteoperosis and very obese. She had undiagnosed Underactive Thyroid which must have made everything worse than it should have been.

I suppose all you can do is wait for full diagnosis and meantime eat as healthily as you can (high fibre diet for diverticular). Do gentle exercises and give yourself time to recover . Don't be anxious about your walk taking longer and rest when breathlessness comes on. You should always report the breathlessness to GP or go to A&E. You can phone GP practice and ask for call back from Doctor.

I am also 63. I have Hashimoto's Autoimmune Thyroiditis & Hypothyroidism. I was not diagnosed till late 2011. I suffered heart attack in 2008 when I was under a lot of stress and very ill with poor mobilty. My bloods were Hypothyroid then but they were overlooked and no one told me.

They returned to Euthyroid in 2010 ie within 'normsl' range. So I was told Thyroid OK !!!

18 months later I had thorough tests and was diagnosed.

I have my life back.

Hope you get full I vestigation and diagnosis soon.




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