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what should I do about my pain?

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I am 17 years old, I had laparoscopic surgery yesterday; my appendix was also removed. I have been having a lot of pain on the right side of my abdomen which radiates to the right side of my back and down my leg. Unfortunately, even after laparoscopic was completed, the doctors were still unable to find the exact cause for my pain. This following Wednesday, the doctors are going to continue with tests and trying to figure out what is wrong, so they can then, find a solution. I have to get up every 3 to 4 hours to take some strong pain meds cause I've been in so much pain and It hurts to even move. Please answer my questions and let me know what to do thank you very much for your time.

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Please someone give me some advice I need help

If you have only just had the surgery yesterday, then you can't expect to be pain free for a while yet - it does take time for the effects of even minimal surgery to wear off, because they would have been poking around with the laparoscope fairly vigorously. If you are still having pain after they have completed all the investigations, you might want to talk to your GP about referring you to a gynaecologist to rule out things like endometriosis. Hang in there. It sounds like they are doing the best they can to help and find out what is going on. Also try to keep moving gently. It will just cause worse problems for you if you don't.

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thank you and I have been moving around. I've been in too much pain not to move. But when they did the laparoscopic they didn't find anything on the right side so I wonder what could be going on then to be causing so much pain

am told they usually push a bit of 'air' into tummy so they can see the organs well and this gas is painfull after the surgery but usually goes away. unless if the left a fork or knife or spoon in your stomach, an x-ray could answer that.

get well soon


If you have just had surgery in some from to remove an appendix, you will be getting pains in the lower tummy. on the right hand side.

If you put your thumb next to your tummy button and extend the fingers down on the right hand side towards your crutch, if you get pain, that is where the appendix was.

It is important that you talk to your GP if you are not sure if things are not right . as there could be something wrong

Good Luck


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Hi Bob good to see you back xx

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Time will be restricted for a few weeks


I have very similar symptoms to you and after my laparotomy and appendectomy as soon as I woke up I could feel the difference between the surgery pain and the original pain. The original pain was worse than the pain from the ops. You are bound to be in pain after surgery, try some breathing exercises and try not to get too stressed about it. Just because they didn't find anything they could see doesn't mean they have come to the end of the road. If you are still in pain in a couple of weeks they will probably send you for an MR I. They will need to look closer at your nerves. Good luck.

I see a obgyn he's the one that did my surgery

Hi, I really feel for you. I developed chronic pain in my twenties. I found that a Breathworks mindfulness based pain management programme really helped me, as you can see by my username! Mindfulness is practical down-to-earth stuff, not religious, something you can do for yourself and is obviously used alongside rather than an instead of hospital treatment. I found it so helpful that I now volunteer as a teacher. There's a new book out called 'mindfulness for health' if you were interested. The excellent and funny books 'explain pain' and 'painful yarns' by the pain scientist Lorimer Moseley also explains how you can be in a lot of pain without an obvious cause - you aren't making it up! Best wishes.

If you had your appendix out yesterday you would still be in hospital. So much about you submit is not ringing true.

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