Age allowed to post on here?

I've noticed a couple of 16 year olds posting on here recently, and some people have said they shouldn't be posting because you have to be 18 to post here. Sadly, some people say this in rather a dismissive way too, so I'm concerned that the young people who have posted will feel unwelcome and more alone.

Could admin please clarify - is it OK for 16 year olds to ask questions on here?

Also, if members could please be a bit more caring in their posts - think of the effect of your post on the young person concerned - then I think this would be a good idea. I know it's difficult to know how your post will be read, or to construct it in a gentle diplomatic way, but I think we should really try to do this as this is a support forum for people who are in distress in some way. Thanks! Hope I haven't offended anyone by saying this but I felt it needed to be said.

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  • Yes, but that doesn't mean we still shouldn't be civil and pleasant to the young person, Daniel ... whoops, sorry, "Johnadam".

    By the way, I didn't single out your reply. I think several people's posts were a little "unwelcoming". But yours do stand out as particularly unwelcoming, you must admit! This is why I believe you are actually the "Daniel" guy who's been banned from the forum (several times, I think?) and why I've reported you to admin.

  • caroline my reply is for you dear being brave.

  • Well said...

  • yes i thought that as well,so your brave and well done for that.

  • I can't see any problem why someone that's worried about there health whether it's short term pain or not or under 18 shouldn't post on here. Just because they're under 18 doesn't mean they worry any less than we do so I really don't know what the problem is.

  • If your talking about the person I think you are they come across as a troll not a genuine sufferer

  • what we think is not always true so its always nice to be helpful in the first instance and then if we think the person is not genuine we just ignore them.

  • It is important that a person younger than 18 does state their age. Puberty presents all sorts of issues that do not exist in a person older than 18. It also informs the people in the forum that replies need to be carefully crafted in a manner that is within a young person's experience.

    Young people have hurdles to obtaining information because of the lack of responsible adults who are prepared to speak to a young person because of the very high and justifiable concern in many quarters that you could be accused of doing things that you should not. The safeguarding children's policy in many organisations is not about safeguarding children it is about safeguarding adults. This leaves many children with no one to speak to about sensitive subjects that a young person wants and needs advice on.

    I survived the "Mind Rape" that I was subjected to when I was growing up because I had other adults I could safely talk to and could teach me the skills that I needed. Many children who suffer mind rape now end up committing suicide. Adult forums are not a substitute for being able to talk in confidence to another adult, but it is better than nothing. The law as it stands prevents a young person from being able to talk in confidence to another adult.

    Perhaps admin can input their advice on this subject.

  • I haven't been on here in a very long time. I am probably one of the youngest on this forum and have found a minority of people can be very rude to younger people. Yet if they are young, I believe they should be able to use this forum as it is meant to be helpful ( a community). Don't we get judged enough by the doctors and people around us? Let alone being judged by people who are suffering the same? ...

    I would prefer it if people could be kinder to one another. Thank you for speaking out and saying something. I'm not admin but I don't think someone of 16 years of age should be told they can't come on here for help.

  • Spot on, CushMonkey! It looks like the person who was causing the trouble has been removed by admin (again!) as his posts have disappeared (looks like I'm talking to myself above as his posts have gone - lol!). But I'd still like to hear from admin as to what the age limit is. It seems we all have a different view of this.

    I remember feeling very alone, anxious and depressed in my early teens - and dismissive comments from older people (my parents were firm believers in "children should be seen and not heard" - making me feel worthless) made things worse. I hate to see that happening on here to other young people.

  • Agreed - good note.

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