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My new blog post!

My new blog post!

Hi all, I've been writing a blog on living with chronic pain and how I'm coping with becoming disabled two years ago. I've been writing for about a year as it's a brilliant way to get my frustrations out, it's a very cathartic process and it really helps. I hadn't thought to post it here before but saw something earlier so thought I'd give it a go here as well! I'm also getting married in four weeks time so I'm writing a lot lately about my 'wheelchair wedding' - my latest post is called "Woo hoo, we've got the shoes...!!" 😂

You can find it here

Hope you like it! Xx

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Hi toplady , I must read this and thank you for sharing. Good luck with the wedding! I have no doubt at all you will look stunning 😊. I have had awful pins and needles in my left hand since January, burning sensation in left foot and my tongue goes numb 🤔. Had some sort of electrode test for nerves but all came back normal? Yet they said if it continues to go back . Crazy! Drives me mad as I can't exert myself as it is as trigger and also if it's cold and I use my electric blanket an hour before I eventually sleep as I suffer insomnia then the heat from the bed starts it all off again and does my head in ! So I'm back to my gp on 8 May to tell him I'm not dreaming lol 🙂


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