I had 2 lots of back Surgery's done coming up for 6 years, I had a prolapse disc of L4/L5 S1 which trapped the sciatica nerve.

Sadly I now have permanent nerve damage. I taking Pregablin, Tapenadtol and MST, they've tried me on Dulotextin which I've stopped because all I did every time I took it I vomited and Lodcaine patches.

Has anyone had injections to help with the pain?

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  • Yes I have had most of them in the past. Some worked for a few months and some for only a couple of weeks but I know some people get relief for a year or so. It's certainly worth a try.

  • I'm so sorry to hear you are suffering with your back pain. I had surgery twice 20 years ago. I've since suffered nerve damage (I can't feel the right side of my foot). I had steroid injections in my facet joints twice, first one worked for a few weeks, second one did absolutely nothing. I try and controls the pain with pregabalin, paracetamol, no co codamol which I have stopped after 20 years. I would suggest that you move around as much as your pain allows and keep going. Kindest Regards,


  • Hi I have had exactly your same problem! I had one before surgery that didn't work at all another one after surgery that didn't work, then a third set one was specifically for the leg pain and another for the back actually the one for the leg helped! At first it was like a new leg but after a month the pain crept back mainly in my buttocks and rear thigh but not as often the back one did nothing at all, it also helped with the nerve damage in my thighs and hips but sadly that increased back too. I'm back in June for another go to see if I get my relief back but I must admit I'm worried about the long term effects of these injections. Pregablin yuck I'm on 600 a day and I'm now look like a ball I've increased weight so much and SR morphine, I asked my pain consultant can I ever get off these drugs the answer was no because the injections mainly compliment the effects of the drugs! I'm fighting at the moment to get into another drug other the pregablin as if I carry on with the weight I will pop lol but my doctor is very reluctant. The injections are great for me although I need a stick to get up etc that is life to me as before I was housebound and in agony 24/7. I think the injections are great but I wish they could find another way of doing them as they are not pleasant at all!

  • Hi, being in pain all time is draining and gets you down. I've had various types of injections, the ones I'm having at the minute are trigger point injections. They help but I can't have anymore until I've reduced oxycodone some more, which I'm finding hard to do at the minute. Good luck with whatever you try. Take care x

  • ive had injections twice sadly they did not work, also made me quite poorly, there not designed to be a long term fix and if you have to many can also cause deterioration further.

  • I've had trigger point injections and an epidural, none of which worked and in fact, things have been worse since the epidural in January. That said, they wouldn't offer if they didn't think it would work and I know people for whom injections have improved their condition.

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