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Good and bad days

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This might be a stupid question but does anyone else have good days and bad days. I'm in pain all the time but on good days it's manageable and sometimes I forget and think I'm a super hero, but on bad days I am in a lot of pain and shuffle about, today is a really bad day lots of painkillers and I have to use my stick.

The doctor finally suggested it might be chronic fatigue which is what I have been saying for years.

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Oh your not alone I have good and bad days I am totally sick of this weather the humidity in the North East has gone up and down. So the muscle above the my knees hurts so bad lately When it’s cold when the humidity goes too high. And I have to say no question is stupid.

I usually don’t take anything for the pain but I got medicine for pain. It’s Tylenol w/codine 10mg I have cut them in half. Get one of those pill cutters they are the best thing ever. I've been taking 5mg at night but today I took 5mg during the day. ?? How it’s going to work?

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I take a lot of strong Co-codamol (30/500 strength) and recently Ibuprofen . I think I’ve been taking them for so long that they have less effect . I wish I could just get a new body ! Everyday pain is just terrible. You can’t “do” anything when it’s really bad.

When the sun comes out and the air dries out , that can help a lot . Humidity makes pain so much worse .

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RibvanRey in reply to ssdw1958

According to all medical advice in the UK, one should never cut tablets in half so as to divide the dose. When tablets are made there is no method of contol to ensure that the active drug is speak evenly throughout the tablet. The more so when the tablet contains more than one drug. You should always refer the issue back to the prescribing Doctor or your Pharmacist so that they can provide you with a safer tablet of the appropriate strength.

Kind regards, Rib

I completely understand how you feel . You sound like me in a way . I’ve got so much pain in so many different places after a car crash that I can’t stand it ... but as you say , for some unknown reason , some days are less painful and you feel more positive . I find the sunshine and dry weather helps ... also bring in positive company !

Very much so. It can depend on the weather and what l did the day before. Doctor changed my painkillers as my body had got use to them after 5 yrs, hasn't made a great deal of difference. I no longer fight it if my body needs a rest l rest. I do gentle walking and exercise in the chair. My doctor is not very empathic towards me but l have persevered. One of the things that helped me was a blood test found l was lacking in vitamin D which l now take and it helped a little with the tiredness. I have arthritis and sleep apnIa. Hope this helps your not going mad !!

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Kispofa in reply to Grannys27

Thank you so much for that info on Vitamin D . There’s hardly any sun here so I’m going to start taking vitamin D tablets again. I appreciate all your info . Thanks 💪🙋🏻‍♀️🤗☀️

Toataly understand what good and bad days are I suffer chronic pain too which I have been sent on a 6week chronic pain course at the start of it I was just in pain all the time but they take no understanding into account of how you get there now at my 4th week my pain is chronic with the travel sitting in a room at 40degrees no air-conditioning and other people there in same boat but to go back to good and bad days can come down to what's going on in your life stress etc or what's not going on in your life so having low mood I know very well to put into words what to do to help yourself but not always possible I try to do small exercises at home and I mean small in your capability also try too get outdoors be I garden or balcony just try some fresh air another thing I do in extream pain and as often as I can we all breath I hope but consintrate on your breathing when you let your breath out hold in your tummy that is a good exercise in its self I hope I have been of the tinyest of help and try keep positive I know not easy take care

Thank you SO much . That was all so useful. I’m doing the breathing exercise already ... it’s grrat as you focus on something ELSE !! 👍💪🌸🌹

Oh yes, and it's not always related to the activities I know I've done, or overdone. Maybe I go running in my sleep!

I can plan for extra rest after days out but the other ones catch me out and I hate having to cancel things. I have fibromyalgia but a neurologist I saw last year said I probably have CFS as well. (The exercise plan I was put on by DWP/NHS a few years ago while claiming ESA, when they thought pushing a bit was good for us, made me worse and probably triggered the CFS.)

Don't push yourself - that research was discredited - rest when you need to and do what you can.

Hi Maddie. Yes, I have good, bad, & ugly days. Changes in weather really affect my pain. Stress makes it worse, even some foods can! I have Fibromyalgia and everything seems to affect it. When we do feel good, we tend to do too much and then we pay for it.

For chronic fatigue also go onto the Thyroid UK community here on Health Unlocked where they can help you forward. I had chronic fatigue and more and would not have got well if it wasn’t for members on Thyroid UK. Low thyroid and vitamin B12 deficiency are both causes of chronic fatigue. Chronic fatigue is a listed symptom of both low thyroid and Vitamin B 12 deficiency.

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