chronic pain

Since November I have experienced chronic neck pain. An MRI of my head and neck showed narrowing in the cervical area of C3 and C4. I cannot turn my head to the right without pain and daily activities are becoming more difficult. Due to the long NHS list to see the appropriate person I decided on a private consultation and the outcome of this was to have a nerve block injection. I am two weeks post this procedure and still in pain and getting worse. Any advice at this stage would help. Thank you

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  • Sometimes nerve blocks don't help you..or stoped like me..I live with it..try to not do those things to aggitate. But I feel my head is to big for my kneck..I'll get migraines..I'll saw a acupuncture doc..I'll text helped . He gently manipulate my knock..good luck..I'll text have surgery . The battery powered need k heating pads are great , and microwave rice heating pads or ice..

  • Are you on a waiting list for a pain management clinic where they might be able to discuss more options with you or is it for a neurological/surgical consultation?

  • I have neck pain from slipped disks and arthritis and occipital neuralgia. I have tried the shot in the neck by pain management. Think it was cortisone. Worked for a couple weeks. Now I am trying Botox. Just in testing phase with neurologist. Neck pain is misery. I understand. I am lucky enough to get medical marijuana. It helps. God bless.

  • hi fox gal17, i have terrable neck pain plus back pain and athrites in feet how do you get meddical marijuana

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