Hi my name is Tina I would like some input on sciatica I have had it from Dec 16 was wondering if I used a rowing machine would it help


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  • When I have sciatica starting as I do periodically as I'm sitting, I shift around quite a bit to try and loose it. Most times thankfully it works. But not always. When it doesn't work, I usually have an appointment lined up for Traditional Chinese Acupuncture. And that appointment sorts it for many months. Worth every £ in my opinion. But in my opinion it has to be the traditional Chinese medicine . So I'm curious/ wondering why you mention a rowing machine. Has someone recommended it to you? Although I agree anything is worth trying.

  • No it would not. Sciatica can be due to pressure on a nerve root. See a chiropractor for help with this matter. Also make sure you see a doctor. Pressure on nerve roots can be from tumors or other nasty things.

    Hope this helps.

  • I have had two severe bouts pf sciatica in the past, and during the last one, out of desperation, I consulted a physiotherapist, but was told later that the pain lasts 6 weeks, and NOTHING will help! it goes of its own accord. Very painful, but you just have to stick with it !!!

  • Thanks

  • This physiotherapist is someone who does not know about pressure on nerve roots by muscle micro cramps or faulty muscle behaviour.

    A chiropractor does work to remove pressure on nerve roots. Many physiotherapists are not trained to be able to remove pressure on a nerve root by skilled hand manipulation.

    I have had bouts of sciatica. I have used techniques to remove it quite quickly.

  • Thanks I am going back to work tm but will just do light duties

  • Thank I have been off work 6 weeks now so going away back tomorrow I am not right yet but better thanks

  • Any exercise will always help. You've got to keep moving otherwise you'll get more referred pain.

    I take it that you have used a rowing machine prior to your sciatica?

    Your body knows best. If you start to exercise just take it easy.... if the pain gets worse ease off and try a different exercise.

    Once you stop exercising it'll be even harder to get motivated.

  • I have not really used my rowing machine as I got it for Xmas and that's when my sciacia started so I don't know if I should use it or wait till I am completely clear I am going to yoga classses next week

  • I would have thought that yoga was a better starting point for back / sciatic pain than a rowing machine - particularly as you're not used to it.

    I've had one or two back problems (including surgery, injections etc) and have found that strengthening my core muscles (with Pilates / yoga type techniques but with a personal trainer), along with lots of stretching and trigger point release has been a massive benefit. I have been going religiously 3 times a week for the past year nearly and I have to say I'd be wary of a rowing machine even now. Once you have built up some core strength would be a better time for rowing - I would think. But then I'm not a doctor, personal trainer, physiotherapist etc....

    Good luck - I feel your pain.


  • Thank you

  • have you tried pilates or yoga. I find them both helpful. good for stretching and there are plenty of options as you build up strength.

    I know it's not for everyone but the breathing techniques are good for stress and anxiety. If you go to a class make sure you have a good instructor.

    I've done this for two years and although my sciatica hasn't gone remained stable for a year. plus makes me feel great.

  • I am going to yoga next week as I have have this since Dec and I been off work for three weeks so I am going back to work tm to see if it helps

  • There are very useful exercises on Facebook. I have sciatica and back pain and can't imagine using a rowing machine - sounds a tad too drastic but it may depend on your age!

  • Sorry, I meant YouTube, not Facebook

  • Ok thanks I will have a look

  • I'm new to this community, 1.5days to be clear. I'm in the US, & not sure if you have pool therapy as an option. I've had several serious bouts with this angry nerve, on both sides. All the suggestions I've read in your replies are so on point. Medications won't help with nerve issues, & I'm a firm believer in mindful therapies, aroma, message, biofeedback, meditation, cupping... Traditional Chinese medicine. My most successful treatments have been acupuncture & aqautic therapy, not water arobics, but with physical therapist. All the while, finding focus groups/communities for support & suggestions on chronic pain. Good luck to all. Debbi

  • I have had sciatica now for 4 months without a break is this normal

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