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Toothache and meds

Hi, I hope I am in the right place for my problem at the moment.. I have toothache and take rivaroxaban 20mg a day . I know I will need two wisdom teeth removed, but am so frightened of a bleed . I have afib and in the throws of sciatica (third week) am just about worn out and taking codeine phosphate and paracetamol, but would be so pleased to hear from anyone in similar situation as to bleed risk etc. Many thanks x

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Hello I have A.F. and I take warfarin.

I am having three extractions on Mon so need to get my inr just before going to the dentist..He said that 4 is safe for extractions..I must say that

I am around 3 normally..I am not worried I trust the dentist and doctors regarding blood loss...when having operations have needed to stop warfarin for 4days before so dental work must be less risky.

I am never allowed to take anti inflammatory drugs so it makes healing

More difficult.


Try ambesol for the toothache it numbs your gums I found it years ago as I used to suffer with abscesses and an old lady when we were on a day out in Blackpool told me to get it and it really is good recommended it to many people


Hi sandylo thankyou for the reply , i have been housebound for a while but will get some asap. I am sure it is a nerve thing going on with the sciatica as dentist said teeth were ok. Will be good to keep some just in case. Thankyou again.


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