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Thanks for the welcome


Thank you

I have found so much support here which is very helpful. I was a 'forum virgin' before health unlocked but it is reassuring to hear from others.

My next bulging disc/sciatica related question is how much should I exercise? I'm doing the exercises that my physio gave me and I also know that continuing to maintain mobility is good for the back, in most cases. However I am unable to walk without crutches and can't take more than two steps with out that sharp pain taking my breath away. Should I kick on (horse rider you see) or allow myself to be a bit precious?

Thanks guys I hope you are all having a pain-easy day? (For those who can't be 'pain free' I've invented 'pain-easy')

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Hello, having had back surgery nearly 4 years ago, i would say, do the exercises they gave you and maybe a little more each day pain allowing that is, and yes, do be precious with yourself i find nothing warms you more than saying " i am going to have an extra hour in bed today" and not then feel bloody guilty about it!

as you may have guessed, i am having a pain-easy day, i like your new word xxxx

Hi! Welcome to the site!!

As for exercising, I don't think there is any right or wrong way here. Obviously don't push yourself past your limit, because that then causes you to suffer for days, but just go gently.

The best advice my Physio gave me was to have a little walk every day, and every day set myself a goal. So if I could reach the first lamppost one day, I'd try to reach the next one the day after. If I didn't make it then fine, that was my goal till I got there, and so on. Even if it's just taking 1 extra step that day, that's more than you did the day before.

Hope that helps, but you know your body and your limits so just go slow and build up.

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