Another 1st time at pain clinic. Will this one help me and listen to me? Need questions from you all, to ask this time around

Yes, I got into yet another pain management center. This is the 3rd. First one made my neuropathy worse. 2nd one said "nothing we can do for you". That blew my mind!! I've never had any testing done as to HOW it started. In may, I go for testing to do just that. In the mean time, I need relief so I CAN have a somewhat lessened pain throughout the day and night, life. Just a little bit of relief please. Very hard to swallow when every dr I see says "can't help you". That's not an answer I'm willing to take when there has never been testing as to the cause. Asking for help and prayers today. Appt is at 3:30. Any suggestions would be great. I don't want to screw this one up. I didn't screw the other two up. I need relief from this life of torture I'm living.

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  • Well I think your quite within your rights to want a proper diagnosis so that you know what your dealing with. Hopefully you can have pain injections depending on what shows up on scans/X ray's etc. Unfortunately not everything can be fixed and not all medication works so we can only hope that we get some relief from somewhere. We need the patients of a saint to get the help we need. Tell them the truth about your level of pain and what makes it worse and how much sleep you get. Tell them what you can't do and how it's effecting your life and family. They can't expect you to just come to terms with it if you don't know what's causing the pain. To have pain 24/7 is exhausting and I wish you the best of luck and hope they sort it sooner rather than later but please let us know how it goes. X

  • hi Ginakins,I know we've talked before,just refresh my memories how long have you suffered with your pains? Now the other problem with neuropathy is trying to get a clear diagnosis,yes you can have a scan and various blood tests,but even then this still doesn't give a definitive answer and that can be a mental hurdle to cross in itself,and also trying to understand this condition and trying to work out why is another problem,I believe diabetics also can get neuropathy,I understand your frustration and your patience must be running out to put it mildly,so are you receiving any medications at the moment? So what I've learned so far over the last five years is NOT to get stressed as this only creates more nerve activity which in turn causes more pain receptors to kick in,I've had to give long term relationship up,as sometimes others will not understand this condition,it might sound drastic to do this,but it's your life and it's your pain that you have to deal with,and yes when you go to the pain clinics you go with an open mind,but ultimately and unfortunately that door is soon closed on your hope,it's heartbreaking hearing that there's nothing much the "specialist" can do,and then the anger and rage can build up,so try and generate people on here to go through the list's of medications they've been on,as its a question of which ones you've had or not heard off,so broken sleep pattern is another problem,but I don't look at the clock anymore as I've just decided to sleep when I can,if I'm tired I go to bed,it doesn't mean I'm lazy,as this condition can wear your down,so don't feel guilty if you need to go to your bed,there's alot of things for you to understand here and I still struggle with this intense and painful condition,and hopefully someone can through a few more suggestions for you to look into,I really wish you all the best again,and relief into this painful condition,

  • Cb1963 I've been meaning to get back to you and everyone that replied to me. Been in a tremendous amount of pain. I will write more later tonight or in the am. I promise. Thank you so much.


  • Gina

    Let's hope third time lucky & that this time you will be pleasantly surprised.

    Good luck & fingers crossed.


  • Thanks everyone. Third time might be lucky. Went and go back in 11/2 weeks. He has to get some files from a few drs. I'm afraid of the because 1 of the drs is the 1st pain dr I went to that screwed me up worse with a lidocaine infusion. With that said, I never went back and he and I had not so nice words. I don't know what this jerk has in those charts. I'll know at the next visit. In the most excruciating pain ever. The stinging and burning is so bad. I'm exhausted from everything. The research, calls, appts, and the pain itself causes me to be exhausted. I feel like I'm fighting and getting nowhere! I have limited amount of patience now. I can't do this much longer. Thank you to everyone that responded!


  • Dear Ginakins, have prayed for you this morning. Hope everything goes well. You don't mention where the pain is, but I hope they find out the source. Don't give up.

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