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struggling with hip bursitus

hi this is my first time on here and i would like some advice on hip bursitus that i have been struggling with for over a year now,i have been off work with this condition since last march and recently just had to give up as i am worse than i was a year ago.i feel that my doctor does not seem to take me seriously and i am still waiting for a scan to find out how bad it really is,i am in constant pain and can hardly walk at times,it is ruining my life and i am 51 years old and feel like an old lady as i cant walk far for very long,should i change my doctor or complain

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Shame he doesn't get it himself . He wouldn't live in so much of a world of denial . I'm suffering (that's the correct word ). with it at moment , from my right shoulder down to the wrist . Take care Nancy , Dave

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Dear Nancy, could you pay for your own MRI? And are you having physio? Get another Doctor's opinion. Also, if you can afford a session of private physio, sometimes they have deals with hospitals that make the MRI cheaper. My hospital charges £500, the private physio £200. You may not need an MRI, of course, but the physio should be able to tell you that. Don't put up with it anymore. Take someone with you to the GP if you feel you can't face him/her alone. You really must be referred to the physios asap.


Hi Nancyb

Sorry to read of your problems with hip bursitis. It's very painful but can be treated with either a steroid injection or local anaesthetic injection. I've had it on both legs and had a series of injections which got rid of it completely!. Can you feel the spot down the outside of your leg?.if you can then it is bursitis!. Are you waiting to have the scan or for the result?. What you could do is see another GP as your not happy with your own. Go when he's on holiday or has a day /afternoon off!. It's unacceptable that your suffering so much and have given up work!. Good luck. X


Hi, I have hip bursitis before my hip implant in 2012, fell twice on ice and have it bad now. I try and stay away from a lot of salty foods, it brings it on worse. Take Ibuprofen every day, but I also have sciatica, my joints are bad, but keep going and working two jobs. I have lost close to 60 lbs and thought the pain for lesson, but it hasn't. I ice my left hip and back constantly, try not to eat many sweets, drink only water, starting to get in my right hip now.

Do not sleep on your sides that makes it worse, certain exercises brings it on but cannot sit to long or my back gets worse. Therapy has me work out on machines which are easy on the joints and to build up my leg muscles. There is a Voltaren Gel (diclofenac sodium topical gel) which was given to me by the doctors, your rub it on to take out inflammation and swelling.

Some days are worse than ever, I try to walk but not a long ways and do not get in any hot tubs, or sauna's it brings it on worse, land in two different ER's the same day. Wanted the doctor to take it out but none of them will. I cannot do a lot of things I use to do gardening, dancing, bowling, etc. So I pray to God to help me find solutions every day, and enjoy the good days he gives me. I have a big family, 3 children, 9 grandchildren and lots of siblings with family. Always busy, just pray for healing and take one day at a time. Take Care and keep in touch.


Hi Nancy, Also I have had the steroid injections so much that they don't want to do them anymore because they make your bones weaker and quite working. My last won did not even work for two weeks, but maybe it will help for you.


I was so sorry to find your post as I know the agony you are in

I see your post was 5 days ago I do think you should definitely change your doctor or at least ask for a second opinion

I feel disgusted that you have been left to suffer and even had to give up your job that should never have been allowed to happen

I was referred to a hip specialist and I'm having a hip replacement next week Not saying you will need that but the pain is unbearable my hip bone has no cartilage and it's bone rubbing bone I have screamed at times with it

No one should be left to suffer like you have with no real diagnosis

I had steroid injections and physio and that all helped I was just unlucky that my hip was so bad at your age it probably won't be

I would love to know how you get on

Take good care of yourself X


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