Hi I'm new here I am 39 and for the last 15years I have been suffering from a large rectocele, leviator ani syndrome, intersusepsion, Obstructive defication disorder, Ibs and anismus the only thing my consultant is offering to help is a illiostomy with no garentee that it will take away the pain, I just wondered if anyone has had one and if it at all helped.

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  • What in English is this complaint. Never come across it before? HC

  • It's all to do with my bowels I have a large prolapse and my bowels telescope inside each other along with everything else with my bowel, I just want to be sure before I say yes to a ileostomy.

    Just in case anyone doesn't know what an ileostomy is its a colostomy bag.

  • Whereabouts are you? Why has the consultant not offered other surgery first, such as rectopexy or a resection?

  • I go to Northern General at Sheffield he says that all the complications with my bowels would leave any other surgery in affective and this is my only option, what is rectopexy? If this is the hammock because he said that like the resection it would just prolapse again because of the animus.

  • i had my back surgery and the removal of the upper lobe of my right lung at Northern General, its a great hospital xxxx

  • Thanks that makes me feel better xxx

  • What's caused your problems? Mine was childbirth. Is your consultant Mr Brown?

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