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Levator Ani Syndrome ?

I'm new to this site. For the last 12 years I've had constant trouble with pain in the anal area which also causes sciatic type pain. I've seen numerous proctologists and spent a fortune on alternative treatments. The problem is really getting me down. I've done research on the internet and I've been wondering if the problem is something like Levator Ani Syndrome. Has anyone out there had a similar problem, or can offer any advice, which would be gratefully excepted.

Thank you


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Just a suggestion you might look up piriformis Syndrome similar symptoms but doable treatment


Ive had the battle with LS for 28 years

when it flares up I can have it for weeks and its can ruin my life. I take lots of meds and sleeping pills and tried botox but it failed.

feel free to ask any questions, I have experienced the

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Hi I'm new here I wasn't going to post anything as I couldn't find anyone who has similar to me until I read your post, I'm 39 and have been living with a rectocele, levi ani syndrome, intersusepsion, Obstructive defication disorder and animus I have to irrigate regular which never works and the only offer for treatment is a illiostomy with no garentee that it will take the pain away just wondered if you knew anyone else who has had a illiostomy and if it worked for them? I also tried the botox unsuccessfully


Hi Becki Sorry but I can't help you on that one. I don't know of anyone who as had a illiostomy. If anything new crops up I will contact you. Good luck.

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Thank you x


I just got diagnosed with this! Please let me know what you have done to about this. I was told physical therapy. She said something about botox but my Dr. does not think it work for me. Any suggestions would be great! I work full time and my gas pains get so bad sometimes I have to go walk around outside to pass gas! It's horrible. You don't know how many times I want to say I'm leaving I'm sick. Again any help would be great!


Hi there, I have problems with my levator ani as I had one side torn during delivery with the forceps. I have had surgery, and I am constantly at different therapies to help with all of the muscle spasm's that go along with it. I find that having IMS needles helps, ART which is active release technique's performed by a chiropractor on the side with the pain. He works on my hip, glutes, hamstrings, and a bit on the obliques. All of the muscles that have to compensate when you have problems with your Levator.

I have had Botox injections into the site which may be helped a bit and I am going to go for one more to see if it makes a difference.

I do a lot of stretching, and work on my pelvic floor.

i'm going to be starting with a new therapist next week and it is called MAT, muscle activation techniques. Apparently when you have an injury you compensate using sometimes the wrong muscles and others sort of give up or almost stop firing when they're supposed to. This therapy supposedly can help your muscles to fire in the right pattern again.

I can let you know how that goes, just send me a note and remind me! Also if you find something that is helping you please let me know as well. I wish you a pain-free awesome day :)


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