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Currently under investigation for some form of IBD. Having Endoscopy, Colonoscopy and CT on the 24th. After visiting GP with severe abdo pain on Friday they took blood and have to return Monday.

Over the weekend I have started to vomit occasionally so now in diet of toast and biscuits. I also have calf ache and shooting pains in right side of chest. This has been going on for about 5 months and has progressively become more painful. I am at my wits end and can't go on much longer. Does nyone else have these symptoms and if so what is your diagnosis ?

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I had the most terrible abd cramps many years ago.So bad it took me 30mins to be able to get 2 yds to my end suite bathroom. After scan and Ba Enema, I was told I had Diverticular disease with spasm.(Often called Diverticulitis, though strictly that is only when it is inflamed) I found Buscopan and Codeine were the only things that settled a bad bout.Still took 1hr to work.Slow breathing through pain helps as if get anxious, tend to breathe quickly, get tense in chest and other muscles which makes it worse.

I find cutting down on wheat based foods and those that make wind helps but find that every one has there own food triggers. Still tend to have 'wind' and constipation.A bowel softener(not laxative) helps.Hope you have a diagnosis by now, but often, especially if older, it is some thing you have to learn to live with. I have had it over 20yrs now and rarely have bad bouts now(hope that keeps up!)

All the best


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