I'm confused and concerned

I had an on the job injury about 19 months ago. I can't lift my right arm without feeling Pain. I've had an xray, 2 mri's an EMG, physical therapy and massage therapy and nothing is helping. I got released to go back to work today and they took me off of my pain medication. I'm not better and don't know what's wrong with me. Any suggestions?

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  • Gentle stretch exercises in water help. I usually got to my local pool and stand with my back against the edge for support

  • I had on the job accident in 2002 since been medically retired at 32. Your body goes into shock after a trama. Have you acupuncture ? It's going to take time and it's important to keep your arm moving as you Another idea is cold and hot compresses.

  • I have not tried acupuncture, but I was thinking about it. It's been 19 months, so I'm waiting patiently. I can't lift my arm above my head

  • If that was me I think I'd try a chiropractor. X

  • I've done chiropractic, it helped for a little bit, but they declined coverage

  • Where's the pain ? Shoulder issues can cause severe arm pain . Any swelling near your shoulder ? Upper back ? Not all issues will show up on any Xray

    Did they check your neck ?

    Do you use heat or ice ?

    EMG normally won't show damage until a significant amount of time goes by.

    What makes it feel better ?

    Impingement syndrome in shoulder can cause arm pain. Arthroscopic surgery can give a Dr a sure look at the shoulder if that's where injury is located.

    Arm pain can have several causes


  • My right shoulder blade is numb with pins and needles, it travels up to my neck ( which is stiff) and down to my bicep which dislocates. I've done ice, heat. Heat does feel better. Anything that I do for a long period of time hurts like sitting, standing, walking laying down.

  • I see that you've got pain in your neck and shoulder blade and bicep. I have to ask if you've seen an orthopedic surgeon or neurologist. I certainly hope you have. It sounds to me like a pinched nerve in the neck which is causing neuropathy which is why the pain is running down the shoulder blade and the bicep. I don't quite understand the dislocation of the bicep but pain might feel like it's being dislocated when it actually isn't being dislocated. Have you gone to see an actual pain management specialist? Probably something a work comp insurance company would not pay for. You would probably have to fight for that. There are quite a few things that a pain management specialist can do to manage your pain that do not involve taking pills. Such as injections in the neck. Good luck to you.

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