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I walk with crutches and yesterday I landed spectacularly on my bum after slipping on a man hole cover. Surprisingly I didn't hurt myself aside from a graze on my finger. I was dropping something off to a friend and my boyfriend was in the car up the road (no parking closer). I think it must have been the shock but I turned around and saw my boyfriend Usain Bolt-ing it down the road to me and I just started laughing. Next thing I know my friend is coming out of her house, two of her neighbors are staring out of their windows and my bf was running so fast he overshot me and had to come back.

Usually I look down while I'm walking to make sure I don't slip or put my crutch in a hole or something. Clearly I should be more careful lol. I'm getting a dead neck though!

I'm just picturing myself in a few years as the hunch back of Lancashire!

Any tips on neck exercises and good posture techniques would be greatly appreciated!

Please share your anecdotes so we can all have a giggle x

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  • How did you manage to slip on a man lol, I'm glad you wrote hole cover after man, lol glad your ok.

  • I'm hilarious in the dark. My balance is crap because I'm on pregabalin and sertraline, and in the dark I can barely walk in a straight line lol. My living room is the shed (don't ask), so when it's time for bed I battle the small walk way with a bike, bucket, hose and other bits and bobs and it's like I'm in a pin ball machine until I get back in the light lol

  • Thank you! The video plays on here x

  • Aah where's it gone? I'll YouTube it!

  • i deleted the video i put up as your on crutches and its okay for people who are mobile with no real disabilitys .My shouders are quite sore after doing that stand against the wall. i dont want people hurting them self more. be gentle on yourself. i will give you a tip for freeing up your shoulders and your neck that wont hurt one bit. sit on a chair with your hands on your lap facing palms down. now turn your palms up towards the ceiling, when you turn your palms up towards the ceiling make sure you use all your arm including your shoulders, so that your elbows are now pointing backwards and not out to the side as they were when you had you palms flat. do this very regularly as i do and you will feel your shoulders widen and your chest will lift slightly, its very good for your posture and breathing to. all the very best to you. love grace xoxo

  • Thank you :-) I'll definitely give it a go!x

  • My thought is that its a good job there was a cover on the manhole! Hope your neck improves.


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