Cervical stenosis

I have been diagnosed with cervical stenosis. All sorts of pain-killers have been prescribed. None work. I am consequently sleeping badly. No sleeping pills are helping. Any ideas about what I can do? The back of my neck really hurts, so does my right ear. The tips of my fingers and toes tingle. My hands hurt spasmodically. Surgery has not been recommended. What drugs do you think may be effective

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  • I also have cervical stenosis and 4 bulging discs. I've have tried many sorts of medication over the past year. I now have found some relief. I am currently on butrans patches at 25mcg, butrans tablets for breakthrough pain. Paracetamol and ibrufen aswell sometimes. I also take 30mg of amitriptyline at night.. What medication are you currently taking xxx

  • Thanks for your reply. I have had all the medication you mention. Bu trans patches did not agree with me so I now take Tramadol, Co-Codamol, amitriptyline and zoplicone - the last to help me sleep. I have also just started taking a low dosage of mirtazapine. I did not know butrans comes in tablet form. I shall ask for that, My neoro-surgeon says an injection into the neck just below the skull might be effective but would work for only a matter of month, and it would be a delicate operation. My GP does not recommend it. Any other ideas? Thanks again

  • Have you tried fentanyl patches? X

  • I was diagnosed with cervical stenosis four years ago with the same symptoms you describe. I was told that without surgery I would gradually become paralyzed due to the compression on the spine which would shut down the nervous system.

    I had surgery an operation called lamenectomy which stopped further deterioration but unfortunately the nerve damage had already effected my hands and I am left with very painful neuropathy.

    Have you had a RIM scan. Do you know why surgery is not recommended in your case.

    I'm afraid medication is not very effective for this condition.

    Let me know if I can offer any more advice.

  • Thanks for your reply. Surgery has not been recommended as such because there are no spaces for facet joint injections and injections into my neck, beneath the skull, carry the risk that they are very near the brain. Also they would bring pain relief only be for a matter of months. What is a RIM scan? Any other ideas? What medication are you on? Thanks.

  • I live in France and after a RIM scan which I think is a MIR In the U.K. I was told surgery which would open up the space in the neck to relieve the compression was the only option. It worked because prior to the op I was losing sensation in my legs. I have tried all the recommended drugs for neuropathy but nothing works so now I just live with the pain.

    Check out lamenectomy which is the op I had to see if it might be appropriate for you.

  • Thanks. I've checked out lamenectomy. Sadly, it's not right for me. However, I have been advised to have the space in my neck opened up to relieve the compression. I have been a coward about it. The procedure is very near to the brain. Please tell me more about it and , hopefully, allay my fears. I am told that it is the only remedy I can have to lessen the pain, but that the effects won't last for more than a few months. Tell me the truth about the procedure - whether it hurts, how long it takes to work, and whether it is worth doing.

  • Cervical stenosis can be caused by muscles not working effectively. Pain killers will not touch that problem. This an area that you need an Alexander Teacher and chiropractor for.

    Joining a yoga class would also be helpful.

  • Thanks

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