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Any advice would be a great help

I have quite a few illnesses, including trapped nerves in my back and arm and scoliosis. I also have problems with anxiety and depression which I'm on medication for ( sertraline and diazepam)

For years my doctor has had me try a lot of different medication for my pain but I can't take anti-inflammatory medication it makes me very ill. Iv been on paracetamol and codeine for quite a while and still been in a lot of pain my doctor started me on a dose of oramorph 4 months ago I am now on the highest dose you can take and I'm still in pain, since iv been on the oramorph the codeine has no effect on me at all, I want to switch it for something different and a friend told me to ask for oxycodone to replace the codeine. Does anyone have any experience in this? I don't know if they can be prescribed together.

PS I have also at some point been on gabapentin, amatriptaline, nortriptaline, slow release morphine tablets none of these helped at all

Thank you 🙂

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I've been taking oxycodone for a number of years and found it to be an effective ally in dealing with my pain. I take the immediate release tablets, since the slow release tabs lasted nowhere near their stated duration (12 hours).

Getting the dosage right is extremely important and you will be aware of the dangers of strong opioid medication. You will need to experiment but always start low.

Good Luck



Try a McTimony chiropractor. They can examine you for micro-cramps. They may not cure what you have but they can help in pain management control. For better control of your muscles and posture you need to see an Alexander Teacher. Muscle control and posture have an influence on how much pain you experience.

Sleep is very important. If you fail to get the sleep you require you will lose your ability to fine control your muscles. The fine control of muscles has a lot of influence on the pain you have.

Hope this helps.


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