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So its mental anguish emotional pain is that allowed?

I submitted my pip claim last Jan I had a cpn a psychiatrist and a key worker. Dwp disallowed as the date for form was late 3x my cpn posted it I asked for mandoraey recon but the original decision was upheld. So my team mk e in for appeal,dwp withdrew from the tribbunal as they shouldn't have disallowed. Since nov16 my claim is being fast tracked no need for face to face just pip nurse prac on paper assessment.its with a case manager awaiting decision how much longer.

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well,well nothing new there then with atos,a friend of mine who has had a quadruple bypass heart surgery,and has suffered 14 heart attacks in total was summoned for a face to face interview,and still has angina,breathless breathing and poor mobility went to the interview just before Christmas,he arrived as stated on the letter armed with tablets etc,only to be told that the appointment had been cancelled by them!! And they didn't even contact him to tell him and I can assure you that it's over an hour to get to the nearest assessment centre,so I suggest you get into your local MP'S ribs as these are the people who receive money to act upon your behalf,otherwise what's the point in having mp's receiving money from the taxpayer to which is still debatable by myself,so grab the bull by the horns,and hopefully you won't see a red flag,good luck

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