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Happy New Year everyone. It was an interesting end of 2016 I went for another round of injections into my back. Because the injections don't seem to be giving me the relief I need they said I will not be a candidate for a ryzotomie ( spelling bad ) . Doc told me there was nothing more they can do for me and when I asked what should I do about it he said live with it !! The same way a person with diebeatis does. ( am not down sizing this serious desease ) Like I haven't been living with it since I was 19 yrs old ( 31 yrs ) Then he decided he would do both sides instead of just doing one. I guess I had bad referral pain down my right side this time and all he said isn't it interesting how referral pain works. ( not sure what he ment ) This pain happened when he injected the left side. So I asked them about trying marijuana and the nurse said they have several patiences that have tried it and some get relief some don't , it is legal here in Canada but I was wondering if anyone here has tried this and has it helped. Thanks for any replies.


Sorry for bad spelling

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Yes but best discussed through message.

Can you message me


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Tried it but didn't work for me, just felt as if I was going to fall over.

Worth a try and no (obvious) damage done.

Best Wishes


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I use cannibiniol which is cannibis grown without the THC. So no mood altering, psychogenic aspect to it but I do think it helps to relieve inflammation. I take it on mornings when my oxycodone extended release is not helping sufficiently. I haven't yet found anything g that takes the pain away completly though .

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