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Hi! I am still worried about my Tramadol withdrawal attempts. My wish is to be opiate free at the end of 2017. Is this too soon ;)?

I just read people´s experiences about the withdrawal process. Everyone of us is an unique creature (biochemistry, personality ect.), so one cannot exactly compare experiences...

There was one post (not on this site, however) that suggested Tramadol retard use in the start of the weaning process. What do you think? Retard capsules guarantee (?) a slow but constant flow of tramadol into the bloodstream (I think this "speed" has to have sthing to do with stomach acidity...). Then this person using the retard version had broken the tablet/capsule (this is really forbidden) into tiny bits. He did not have it easy, though and I think there is no easy way out of a dependency. But -is there any med to help through the process, I mean if one has to work, one cannot allow nausea, chills and hot flushes, fever, headaches ect. ruin the working days! I accept all advise and private messages as well, if you wish to write privately. Thank you. This is the most important issue in my life since the birth of my children (last about 13 yrs ago...)

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Pregabalin/gabapentin (Lyrica in the USA) really tone down opiate withdrawals, but they're addictive to an extent themselves, albeit a non opiate.

Thing is, the professionals still aren't sure why pregabalin (the bigger stronger brother of gabapentin) alleviates opiate withdrawal, so that's a tad concerning. Nonetheless pregabalin is prescribed alongside oxycodone to give them a boost without increasing dosage by my pain specialist so it seems they're happy to dish them out.

I use them to periodically decrease opiate usage so that I can gain full effect of the dosage once it's increased back to scripted levels.


Thank you for the tip/advise gindy! I think I tried Lyrica for my fibro pains years ago. It made me sick then. But the situation is somewhat different now, so it is definitely worth asking/maybe trying!


You could go down the Methodone route?? It's the go to drug for Heroin withdrawal so it should help you....



Yeah RAYJAYC, thanks, I thought about getting/asking for Methodone, too. But in my case they´ll see I will not need "such rough measures" (but in fact I do) because I have a so called "normal" dose of tramadol, i.e. my usage of the drug has not gone wild. But considering that I have been using tramadol for about 12,5 years, my brain will surely go on a strike after a little lowering of the normal dose (tried a few times by myself: could n´t cope, no way -work? -nope). Wish I could have M...



I really have very little advice to offer, so can only wish you luck. I take oxycodone, and would be terrified if I had to come off them

I, too, have heard horror stories. I also take pregabalin and amitriptyline, which are both addictive too, but so do many others.

Your GP however should be your first point of call, but my GP is, to be honest, crap.

I wish you the very best luck and would love to hear of your progress.


Mxmas xxxx

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Thanks Mxmas2512, it sure is a terrible route ahead for me... I will keep you posted if I can. There must be some light somewhere after weeks and weeks of suffering with the wd symptoms. I have not even started my weaning and yet I am that scared! Hmm maybe if I expect the worst I think I am prepared and willing to do this...

Merry Christmas to you, too!


Hi adventurer,

Yes, I think what you say is right, if you expect the very worst, it'll probably be better than you think.

But don't let your imagination run wild as you won't want to start at all!

Best thing to do is to start after Christmas. That way you'll enjoy yourself first instead of ruining the festive season.

Best of luck once again!

Mxmas xxx


I've managed it a few times now and it does get easier. My approach is to reduce the dose as far as possible when split a capsule down to say 5mg, then try to go as long as possible without taking one. However I don't suffer so take a small dose when withdrawals appear. Repeating this over at longer intervals really reduces the symptoms to a minimum.

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Yes thanks, David-F. What kind of a capsule did you have? I mean it is hard to split the content of a capsule in two equal parts

-how did you manage dividing it to 5 mg?


Capsules separate fairly easily and I simply judged by eye taking out half or 3 quarters. I went from 400mg to 50mg fairly easily, it is the last 50mg that is hard, so need to take it slowly and just take enough to avoid unbearable withdrawals. That said I find opiates V effective for my pain, with the best approach being the least dose a I can get away with (50mg per day currently). This seems to keep the drug effective without many side effects. Without it my quality of life is V poor due to excessive pain, so I am comfortable taking it. I've found it's a V individual thing getting the right dose / regime but it works for me currently.


You should be able to wean off Tramadol by the end of 2017 Or did you mean 2016....??

I've weaned myself off them a few times. ... its always best to drop one capsule every few days and just see how you go.

If you start getting the heebie geebies just take another to level things out.

I always found that it was worse at nighttime. ... if I were you I wouldn't try to ride out the night just take a capsule to level you out.

Tramadol for me was a real brain drainer.

Good luck.


Yes, Steve_inpaintoolong, I meant by the end of next year (2017).

If I even tried this year -well I could as well be locked up in a sanitarium... tramadol really is a brain drain med. I remember having it the very first time -I felt sick when I took the 1st capsule (50 mg). When I took the next capsule the following morning (wish I had n t) , I felt so good, all the pain and fatigue disappeared...that is exactly when I was hooked on tramadol. And the doctor who prescribed it said "oh it is not a habit forming drug ". I guess he meant not habit forming if used to end a single pain period or a single bout of pain. Little did he or I know about Tramadol curse at that time.

And yes I will not spend lizard´s nights for sure -I want to sleep. I heard about a weaning method where a patient is put to sleep (anesthesia) for several days so the worst physical withdrawal symptoms are won easier. I would try that if I could!!!

I am really afraid of the drug that once used to be my cure-all!

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Hi again,

Surely you could get off tramaodol within a few months .....?


I stopped taking tramadol recently after being on it for 16 years, I had bad withdrawal symptoms for about a month but I am now free of them altogether, I cannot say I am better off without them, I am now on Butan patches and I am still suffering chronic pain in my spine, I am still not sleeping very well even now I don't take the tramadol, I thought it was because I was on a high dose of tramadol that sleep avoided me but this isn't the case, my GP said I wasn't allowed tramadol and Butan patches because they could cause seizures, i am also on different medication for diabetes and atrial fibrillation (warfarin). I find I am so tired all the time even to the point where I cannot do basic chores (ironing, shopping etc) my head says I can but my body just won't let me. Some days I find it so hard just to put one foot in front of the other, this is effecting my life so badly


Hey Nin23,

You back pain condition sounds very similar to mine.

Tramadol is a terrible drug.... it just fuddles your mind.

I was on eight a day for a few years.. they did seem to be working. ... but eventually I realised for the past months... I just hadn't been making good decisions or I just wasn't thinking right....

Ive been on the Brutrans patches for about a year now.... They don't necessarily take the pain away but they sort of keep it in the background.

Although I do go through days to weeks when I don't feel they have been working at all.

At the pain clinc years ago they mentioned the 'Morphine' patches. As a last resort. ... the thought of walking round like a druggie just put me off but the strength of the drug is so little.



I suggest you find a Neuro Linguistic Programme (NLP) practitioner. They will help your brain and body cope with withdrawal symptoms from opiates such as Tramadol and lessen the symptoms of withdrawal.


HI Gflower, what an excellent idea. I have taken oxycodone from time to time and I have never had any withdrawal when ceasing this medication. But I did have some trouble with morphine many years ago and I started using creative visualisation and it worked really well for me. Instead of having an injection I visualised an injection full of endorphins. Adventurer, I really hope your withdrawal goes well, it really can be managed by the mind, hope you can give it a try. Good luck:-)

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It took me three months to dihydrocoedine after 16 years

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Been clean a year and it feels amazing

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Yes the withdrawals are difficult and you will feel like giving in but if you have determination you can do it .. For three months of pain compared to the rest of your life is worth its weight in many ways .. I would not try methadone personally as that is another addictive drug

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Thank you all...

I have been depressed thinking about the weaning process ahead. I had throwback thoughts like "Why did I ever start tramadol?" "Why didn´t they tell me about the drug?" and so is useless I know. I have a very challenging situation as I will have to go to work to ensure basic income/living -I have had sleepless nights thinking about that!

If I could just concentrate on the weaning and have no responsibilities, say for the next 3 months. This is seriously no excuse.

Well, if I do not succeed the first time, then I´ll ask for help and for a possibility to do the weaning outside home.

Maybe being at home alone with the withdrawal symptoms is not the best option for me; I think even seeing the wallpaper will bring back unpleasant memories (it´s no use saying "just concentrate on the good things in life" when you´re in physical and emotional pain). NLP would be good, yes but it is not available for me. TRE-therapy could work after the worst symptoms are over ;)


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