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Very bad back pain need advice

Hi my name is Ellen

I have suffered with back pain for 2 years finally after telling Drs none of their creams and tablets work they gave me facit injections the pain went by half but after 6weeks it was back I'm at the hospital tomorrow to see him again but how do you make them listen I take 6 oxycodone a day and they have no effect plus paracetamol and codeine I can't sleep because the pain keeps me awake any ideas please

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Without wishing to sound flippant, if Oxy isn't hitting the spot, it's sounding like you're entering 'pain management' techniques territory now!

You've probably already tried massage, yoga, pilates, swimming/hydro, acupuncture, TENS??

The next step may well be meditation, breathing techniques, psychologist input plus any other therapies offered by your local NHS Trust.

It's a really tough truth to hear that they can't offer anymore pills & potions but it's a possibility that you might have to prepare yourself for....

Hope you find an alternative therapy that works for you.



hi iget these injectionsevery 10 months 6at atime have been getting them over 10 years no good last time igot them he must have hit something could not walk had to go and get urgent mri was told iwould never get these injections inback againwhy would they tell you that after10 years igo to pain clinic ihave been going 15years have been on katimin just wipes you out was on canibas tablet excuse spelling tryed every thing they had to offerno good even consulant says after all this time cant get pain freebe very carefull with these injections they are not passed by who ever gives licence its trailand error thats what iwas told good luck look out for some times pain is all in mind thats one off there sayings after you get injections they will phone you after 4weeks to see how your doing if you say they had no affect they will send you back to your own doctor good luck hope it works for you any one imeet says your inmore pain after you get them done igot 6 one time dr says he thought iwould get 3weeks pain free not at all hope you get better result good luck


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