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Back Pain Advice

Hello all,

I was wondering if anyone could help me and provide advice or experience with lower back pain treatment? My lower back flares up from time to time with severe agonising pain and i don’t know how to treat it! I have taken anti-inflammatories, pain killers, rub gels and use hot and cold patches. Can anyone recommend something thats worked for them?

Many thanks!

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Tens machine works well hot water bottle wrapped in a towel


You could approach your GP and He may suggest physio. He is in partnership with you to advise treatments

One thing they may suggest is posture and that may help. If you are lifting that could cause a problem.

Has your GP suggested or referred you to a Specialists for tests, that should be undertaken to find out what is wrong



If it flares up for no reason (no injury), and you have had this from before age about 30 or so, or if you have a family history of autoimmune disorders including rheumatoid arthritis, or spondyloarthritis, then ask to be referred to a rheumatologist to rule out inflammatory back pain. In the meantime you could ask your GP if it would be worth trying prescription doses of antiinflammatories and take them regularly, rather than just "as needed" to see if that makes a difference. Regular NSAIDs at full prescription doses (which are usually higher than over the counter doses) should make a significant difference to inflammatory back pain even if it doesn't get rid of it completely, and that can be a clue that will help diagnosis.


Pilates, chiro, yoga, aquatherapy,stretches, walking, aromatherapy, Bowen, sports physio, tens, accupuncture, massage, Chinese treatments, meditation, distraction, art, creativity, photography, commitment,

All have worked for short times and most have given me exercises that I do daily which help keep it in the background.

There is no one cure fits all. What works for one doesn't work for another even if the injuries are exactly the same. You need to learn what your body responds to. Choose a therapy and try it for a few weeks. Start with very small amounts of therapy, monitor the responses (bodies have a habit of kicking back after therapy often making the pain worse for a couple of days after. This is a normal pain/therapy response and in time will become less severe and less frequent). If this therapy doesn't work try another. You may want to try the first again when the symptoms are less severe. Take the helpful bits from each therapy and continue with it.

Learn everything about your condition, read up on medical papers, other people's experiences, become an expert in you. The more info you have the better you can help yourself. Some alternative therapists have excellent knowledge of pain and it's pathways.

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Canna you are spot on with what you say you have to identify the problem first . Then try and see what works for you . And yes whatever you try sometimes makes it worse first then starts to ease .

Back pain never seems to go away and stay away does it x


So sorry I meant to put Zanna xx


Try Alexander technique. It sounds like a possible posture problem.

Hope this helps.


Hi I have had back pain really bad started three years ago . I have tried everything but my one real help I found a brilliant sports therapist she got me walking then off two walking sticks down to using one when pain flares up .

I have had steroid injected into back nerve blocks done three times and numerous other stuff . At the moment my back is painfull but not too unberable . Hope this helps x


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