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Old shoulder dislocation - no treatment - recurring dislocations


So, I have some what of a shitty situation. A few months ago, I took a hard fall at work and dislocated my shoulder. I work in a food production facility, specifically a bakery, which is a very physical job.

We have a closed-door hallway where employees pass through to wash their hands and walk through shoe/boot sanitizer. Very slippery, but of course there is a rubber mat and we wear non-slip shoes. One of my managers was wheeling a barrel of tomato sauce (yes, a barrel) with a hand cart, so naturally I held the door open for him. Now, you can't push this cart over the rubber mat, so it needs to get moved. I hold the door open, then use my foot to move the mat over a bit. In doin this, my foot slipped and I practically fell head over heels onto my left shoulder, dislocating it. Boss recognized the dislocation, he's had one before. He thinks it's a good idea to snap it back in, I'm in a lot of pain just going with it. He does it. I fill out a report and stay maybe an hour before the pain is too much to work.

I go to urgent care the following day. I was given modified duties for a week and sent on my way with my WSIB form (Workers Safety Insurance Board). No medication, no tests, I was offered Physiotherapy but declined because I didn't think it would be nessecary.

So, that's the background. Now, my shoulder has come out on three seperate occasions doing normal things. The first time I'm not sure what I was doing. The second time I was actually asleep when it happened, I had my arms under my pillows and I was laying on my stomach. I guess I stretched the wrong way and it dislocated. It immediately went back in when I tried forcing the arm to move.

The second time I was laying in bed, on my back, awake and watching a show. I went to reach for something on my bedside table and it dislocated once again, more painful harder to get back in.

What can I do now? It's been months since it happened, untreated, now it can affect my job because it becomes pretty sore during phsyical work after recurring dislocations and general soreness regardless.

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Injury On the Job. PLEASE go to your own doctor. Get on unemployment and/or workmens compensation right now. I DONT think you should be working.Please take care of yourself.


Are you in a union, if so see your rep and give him the facts as well as doing what Skyrooms mentions

Not unionized.

Boring answer I'm afraid; it needs reassessment by a doctor, preferably an orthopaedic one because it sounds like the ligaments & tendons have loosened up so much that there's not much holding your arm to your body!

You're obviously not in the UK so I don't know what your circumstances are regarding unions and timescales for putting in any sort of claim for an industrial injury type thing but it definitely sounds like you 'have some sort of case' for not having adequate equipment/machinery in the workplace. Having to hold a door open & moving a mat to allow a trolley full of food to be moved around isn't great anyway but the fact that it resulted in a significant injury to an employee is worse!!

The injury was painful and is still causing pain so in the interim period before you get to see a doctor, you probably need some pain relief! Again, not being in the UK, I don't know what you've got available without prescription but whatever you can buy, use it!! Ask a pharmacist what they recommend until your doctor's appointment.

Good luck...


My place is not unionized. I usually take a medication called Aleve to help, OTC.

Funnily enough, after my fall they installed a mesh-like sterl mat that is stuck to the floor.

That shows their concerns about the lack of appropriate equipment back then and now they've put something in place to stop it happening again!!

Anyways, if you're not able to 'take this any further' and just want to get on with your life, get yourself to your doctor to have that shoulder looked at properly! Pain & persistent dislocation isn't very helpful in every day living!! Good luck..


I dislocated my shoulder when I tripped out of the back door. I have RA and many other conditions including osteoporosis. This was 3 years ago. Went to A&E they had to put me out to put in back. Was in a sling for a couple of months to allow it to heal. Then I went to a physio for extensive exercises, and manipulation, one to one, after that a shoulder exercise class for 5 sessions. Good as new still after all that. You need the correct exercises to strengthen you shoulder. You need to go to a physio to see what they can do for you. Good luck.

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Thanks for your help.

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