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1st Job Centre Visit after Work capability assessment

Hi All,

Last minute advice and hopefully reassurance. After my work capability assessment they have decided that I can work. I have my initial job centre visit tomorrow I am so nervous. This is the first time I have ever dealt with job centre, I was a young Mum (18yrs) was in work before child went back after been at same job for 13 years, then back mobility stuff. So I have been a hardworking person. I am so nervous about what their expectations of me will be. Will they take into account the pain you suffer, not going to make me use public transport going her there and everywhere, I use a crutch, can walk 40-60metres at a push comfortably. In the decision letter it states I can move more than 200 metres on flat surface , stop then start again. I cannot but they said I would have to get a wheelchair to do this from NHS!

Please give me reassurance, my brother didn't have good reviews

Diane x

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Hi this doesn't sound right. Have you appealed? If not then do so asap is my advice. Have they made you sign on for JSA and look for work or have they put you on the work group for ESA? x


My SSP with employer ended Dec 2016, was on ESA, then Nov, they sent notification as your only supposed to be on one aspect of ESA for a year, so had to fill in long questionnaire, my emplyer wrote in, my GP recommended that I probably wouldn't be able to work. Then had a work capability assessment. Got the decision last week, I was told 'it's a strict test'. There are 2 categories Physical with 6-7 sub headings then Mental Cognitive Ability again with 6-7 sub headings. Each sub heading will get points from 0-15, you need at least 15 overall to stay on ESA. I got 0 overall, I think I should of got points on Physical (but like I said I could get a NHS wheelchair, what about waiting list? also never used one then the added pressure on my spine?) Also ' You can stand or sit for more than 1hr, move away and come back again. Again there is no way I can do this, so I have already sent in a reconsideration letter. Also they never mentioned about pain and performance in work, also I study with OU, and I am classed as a 'disabled student' I had an needs assessment with them and got equipment , and it says in the decision letter I don't fall into these excluded categories where you wouldn't have to look for work which is disabled student among st others so I've challenged them on this too.

So I will be signed up to either JSA or universal credit, hopefully the latter.

I know the government wants people working, like I said I was a young Mum but I had a very good work ethic

My previous/current was a nursery supervisor in a nursery I worked my way up, children is my passion then began studying for a degree to go onto teacher training. It's taken me a while to get my head around that I'm likely to stay like this ( I have a prolapsed disc pushing on scitic nerve causing nerve problems have constant pain shooting, strong currents of pain, numbness, weakness, pins and needles etc in leg then the lumbar pain, with a cyst among it too) Thats without the side effects of meds. I still am employed by nursery on a casual contract and I do admin work /training when needed but not regular-so I don't know what they will say about that too

I think it will do me good to have maybe a very part time job preferably in my town, I love books too as I'm completing an Eng Lit degree. Again I rely on my local bus which only operates M-F and cannot walk far, get so tired just doing bits at home or if i pop into post office and try and mooch around town for a bit.

Sorry for essay

I will update tomorrow


What I was trying to get at was whether you were on JSA or ESA work related group. If the latter then it is possible the Jobcentre will take one look at you and say you can't work and you haven't got to attend any more interviews. This happened to my sister.

There are 2 things you can do to protect yourself. The first one is to ask to see the disability officer at your Jobcentre. The 2nd is to get a letter from your doctor detailing how many hours you can work (has to be a minimum of 16 if on JSA) and the type of work you can do. The Jobcentre keep this on file and won't force you to look for any type of work or full time.


Oh it's not clear whether you have appealed or not? I recommend you do but get help with it from an expert ie the CAB or a local disability rights group. x


Hi, I have now been taken off of ESA work related group ( i think). I have appealed, well it's called a reconsideration first, then after they take another look at my claim after my initial letter-if I'm still not happy with 2nd decision then I can appeal again. I didn't think about going to CAB or local disability rights group, I will look them up. I will call GP after tomorrow to see how it went, I would prefer to deal with disability work coach, to be honest I don't think I could cope with 16 hrs.

Thanks and my earlier comment I know some people cannot work but there used to be a lot of stick directed at young single mums-sorry if I offended you-I have removed that part , thanks for advice

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Hi I wasn't offended - well not really but I do hate certain groups being targeted especially single mothers when my sister was categorised and blamed for it. Her husband had an affair and left her but somehow it was seen as her fault. She got treated as a feckless single woman getting pregnant to get a council house. This was very far from the truth. x


Good luck with the "reconsideration" it is amazing how many decisions are changed on appeal, showing how flawed the process is. It is so hard to ensure people understand the impact of living with chronic pain.


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