Pain after sleeping

Does anyone else have severe aching pain in the pelvis area after sleeping and waking in the morning ? getting to a standing position is agony and cant bend at all because of pain , but as the morning progresses it eases off and by lunch time i can touch my toes with no problems . I'm having to try to sleep in a reclined chair so i'm pain free in the morning . Have had a pelvic x-ray , still awaiting results.

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  • Yes I the same I'm using a tens machine from Lloyd's chemist a friend recommended to me and its helping awaiting to go for full MRI there are so many people in pain .

  • I have used an electric heat pad wrapped around my pelvis all night but didnt help much .Think my problem has been coming on for a while as went abroad in the summer and couldn't lie on a sun lounger as too uncomfortable , even hired the padded covers , sat on a chair the whole time.Took a codeine phosphate tablet last night while sitting on sofa to help me sleep sitting up .

  • Has someone analyzed your sleep positions, mattress, pillows, etc.? I think many of us have increased pain in morning and have to gradually warm up, avoiding bending at first. For example, do not get out of bed and lean over to fix it.

  • Takes me a few hours to feel normal again , can't even sit down pain free , just pace the floor as don't know where to put myself as aching so much . My mattress is quite firm with a memory foam top which i've had for 4 years and only sleep with 1 flat pillow for my neck. Sleeping sitting up in a chair so pain free in the morning.

  • Until you figure this out, sounds like upright in recliner is way to go. Many people use alternative sleep locations, whatever works :)

  • Look at the age of your bed, anything over 8 to 10 years, it needs changing.

    My bed is Memory Foam on an adjustable bed with massage, the bed makes you feel light as you lye on it and it seems to fight back and surrounds the body in a firm resistive way.

    In my case when I get up in the morning it takes me time to sort myself and take my medications, After tea break I am moving quite well, although we all need to accept changes as we get older. I am sixty six years old, and very tentitive


  • My bed and mattress are 4 years old and I'm only 46, I have started the pre menopause so don't know if my problem is linked to that as sometimes get terrible back pain before a period.

  • How are you sitting , in the evening, is the seat low and soft with no support or are you sitting crumpled up. A seat with straight or supportive back may help, a firm seat is better than a soft seat with little support. A soft seat may affect the pelvis.

    Look for easy things before a treatment plan, it they start treating an area like around the hips and pelvis, sometimes they can irritate and make matters worse

    How are you sitting at work ??

    Talk to your GP and take advice if you are unable to find a answer


  • Hi! I have the same issue. Doctor says it is a complication of chronic pelvic pain. I am being treated at a pain clinic. I wish I could be of more help.

  • Difficult to comment because I do not know your age. I think you may be talking about an age related problem. The brain is not as effective in muscle control as we get older. One of the results of this effects the muscle control when we are asleep. We cause muscles to over tighten. This could be causing the pain when you are getting up.

    When you move about after waking you stretch the muscles out. This results in the pain decreasing. However, do discuss the symptoms with your GP. You may need to undergo some tests to check you have nothing serious.

  • Hello, sorry to hear of this I have similar issue (although I cant touch my toes later as you say). I hope your MRI will show what is going on. Have you had MRI of spine also? My physio says during the day the disks in your back get thicker. I have exercises I cannot do until later in the day. I have to move around in morning to get pain under control, or when I am awake during night I will walk about. I use electric heat pad with small pendent tens machine together to help at night.

    I also have endometriosis and suspected adenoymyosiis. Adeno I have read makes the back pain worse before period and can make uterus bulkier, pressing on nerves. Hope you get some relief soon.

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