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Update but more confused

Thank you to all the lovely people here! You're all incredible.

I've taken LuckyJim's advice and got a bit more stern with my GP and it seems to have worked! I'm now allowed to take a Longtec 40mg tonight and again in the morning if needed, plus the GP says he'll ring again tomorrow...result!!

Now this is where I got confused (it doesn't take much); he said that he had "no idea" that I had been told to come straight off all pain meds, but thought I had to wean/taper off (still no clue as to what might it be replaced with); which is weird as I've looked at my care record online, which clearly states that he took me off them in the first place!

Then he said that my recent MRI showed 'changes' but wouldn't tell me over the phone, and this is where I became totally confused, he mentioned tethering....

What on earth is tethering?

But at least the GP called today and he's also going to call me again tomorrow lunchtime to see how it's all going.

Thank you so much everyone, you've all been amazing.

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Hi QuietMouse2

I have what's known as a tethered spinal cord, which is the most likely cause of my ongoing sciatica. It means that the cord has literally has a 'tail' which goes all the way down to the bottom of the spinal canal where it is attached. But don't panic - this is a congenital abnormality and can't just happen!

Before it became clear what my MRI report meant a physio told me that any nerve which gets 'stuck down' i.e. becomes attached to surrounding structures or tissues, possibly due to inflammation or trauma, is referred to as being tethered.

Anyway, very pleased to hear you had a better response from your GP and that you got some pain relief last night. The situation with your meds does sound confusing, hope you get sorted out.

I'd be really interested to hear how you get on.

Warmest wishes


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