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Hi everyone, hope your weekend is going ok. I just want to thank everyone

For your replys and support Re my back pain / Sciatica.

I saw an Orthopaedic spa surgeon yesterday, he was fantastic, he listened

To my tale of pain and was really kind and he assured me he would be able

To help me. He examined me thoroughly and told me that I should be able

To bend backwards and I can't, back totally stuck.

He thinks it's a disc problem and has arranged for MRI next week. When he gets

Results of MRI he will see me again.

He said I would probably gave to gave Nerve Root Block, but it would depend on MRI.

Also get gave me two things for Pain which helps a lot. So all in allim much

Better. His reassurance and kindness were great. So I'm hopeful and feel

Less worried .

Sorry if I'm boring everyone with all this, but it does help to talk about it

Here as I live alone.

Healing hugs

Hannah x

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Great news there Hannah fingers crossed for you


It makes a world of difference when someone is kind! Glad to hear Hannah.


So glad you found a compassionate doctor, and something for your suffering!!! Hope everything goes well sweetheart!!! xxxx Mitzi


Great news, please keep us up to date when you get your results from the scan. Ann


Good news hope it goes well for you . xx


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