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Knee pain

Knee pain

Hi thought someone might be able to help. In June 2014 my daughter was kicked in the knee by a horse. It came up the most amazing colours and was pretty bad for a long time. It was xrayed but found to be OK. For quite a while now she has been complaining of 9/10 pain in her knee. She's 21 so means it when she says it hurts. We been back to the doctors but whilst he's brilliant for me he's no good for her. As he also dismisses her constant headaches she's had all her life so she's given up and now lives with a headache everyday. I wondered if anyone had any ideas what could be wrong with her knee and what to do as the doc doesn't listen I've attached a picture of what it looked like for a long time afterwards

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Have you thought about a second opinion regarding your daughter'd knee. Seeing a consultant privately or even ask to be referred to an orthopaedic surgeon so that he might give you some idea of what's going on? Your daughter could have a problem that doesn't show on an X-ray and needs an MRI to check other problems that can happen through this kind of injury.

As for your daughter's headaches whilst aren't pleasant might be worry/tension in nature. also, worrying about her knee doesn't help.

If it is causing that much of a problem there is no reason that your daughter shouldn't be referred.

Good luck

Jen X


Hi frankie2010

If your daughter isn't happy with her GP the best thing to do is either ask to see another GP at the practice or change practices entirely. Maybe she needs to be more 'proactive' when she sees a GP by asking for a referral to an orthopaedic consultant rather than just being left with this pain; it's not normal despite the obvious injury sustained. I do believe in instigating certain treatments yourself when you see a health professional; not by 'telling them their job' but by taking an active roll in your health care and requesting further investigations where necessary.

Your daughter definitely can't manage that pain score every day. It might be that she needs input from a physio but generally a referral to an orthopaedic surgeon first will get her into the system in one way or another.


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Get an MRI scan. X-rays show bone. MRI show tissue bone relation.

The headaches may be posture and muscle related. Poor posture extra strain on the knee. Worth seeing an Alexander Teacher for help with posture.

Headaches may be problem with spine. Worth seeing a McTimony chiropractor who could give a useful second opinion.

Hope this helps.

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Hi there ... if that were My knee or my daughters knee I'd be worried

that there is damage underneath that bruising ... and the best way

to find that out is an MRI scan ....I would not be taking any chances as heaven knows what it may be .. it could be infected deep in the tissues

or even at bone level .. these things are best seen to as quickly as possible

so that it doesn't have time to take hold .

good luck and regards to your daughter for her pain and worry.



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