Tramadol overdose

Just been trying to ask of Tramadol and pregabalin are safe to take together, there was all sorts of replied but no answer to tje question I asked one person said he was prescribed Tramadol and had to take them every three to four hours we considering a 100mg dose the maximum you can take is every six hours. All GP's know this yet he still takes them every 3-4 hours no wonder he ended up in hospital getting treated as a overdose. People should wake up and read the labels before taking these painkillers. Remember they can ease your symptoms but they can also kill. Make sure of the dose please

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  • ask your pharmacist. they are amazing!

  • You can never live another person's life for them.

    Maybe he was blind and couldn't read the leaflets. Or didn't understand.

    Where did you post your question?


  • Hi. I take tramadol and pregabelin together. Prescribed my doctor. Maximum of 8 tramadol tablets a day and I take 600mg of pregabelin a day, that's the max dose. The pregabelin helps with the shooting pains going down my legs

  • Just been to doctors today got tramadol 100mg and he said I only take 2 per day, I checked on the leaflet you get with the tabs and it confirmed that I just take 2 a day so how come you take 8 a day Dawn, thanks for the info on pregabelin, just had knee re-placement and that's why the hospital gave them to me I checked they are for nerve pain these are just 75mg, but if the shooting pains coming back after this op I will certainly ask about Preb

  • Hi. I have 50mg tramadol and I can take 8 tablets a day. I have been taking them for years and it's always been up to 8 a day. With the pregabelin I increased them slowly to the max. 600mg a day. One of my biggest problems is nerve pain so the pregabelin is good. I am in so much pain at the moment I am taking MST and sevredol until I get my epidural + root block injection. So bored because I can't move much. Thank goodness for box sets!!

  • Speak to a pharmacist. They are trained in knowledge of drugs. But there is an unknown as there is a large variability in drug response among people. So it could be safe or it may not be safe. The pharmacist should know how you check if it is safe for you.

    Hope this helps

  • Hi Actionman023

    I'm a little confused about your post; Pregabalin and Tramadol both have to be prescribed by a doctor so he/she would tell you whether the two drugs can be taken by the same person.

    In general terms, yes you can take Tramadol whilst also taking Pregabalin. The Pregabalin will be a 'regular' med to take every day whereas Tramadol is generally an 'as needed' med HOWEVER some people use it regularly as well either as prescribed or because they feel they need to.

    If you've been told/prescribed to take two a day (which equals 100mg) then that's what you should stick to. It doesn't matter what the leaflet says the maximum dose per day is, you need to take what the prescription label says or if it says "as directed" then what your doctor said.

    Everyone is different thus get individual advice, treatment or prescriptions. This forum can give you hints, tips & advice and at times factual information but please don't 'listen to' and act on people's stories when it homes to medication.

    I hope you've got things clear now you've seen your doctor and are on the road to finding some pain relief! 😊


  • i can see why you are confused, so this is what it's about, I have in the last two weeks had a knee replacement and upon discharged I was prescribed amongst other things pregabalin and diclofenac with paracetamol when these run out I have to get to my GP to get some painkillers I was on cocodamol before the surgery but these did me no good, I have been on Tramadol in April 2015 which I still have the packet for as it gives the dosage, more of that later so I went to my GP which was a locum as my doctor is on holiday she by looking at my records can see that I have been on tramadol when I said and she was happy to prescribe them, she asked if I knew the dose which I replied yes, so off the chemist to get the tabs all is well I get home and I am about to take my first tablet when I notice that the dose is one tablet twice a day (100mg) but I think this is an error I check my old box which had in the exact same tablets and it says take one tablet up to four times a day when required, 400mg must not be exceeded in and one given day, so now you can see my dilemma, I of course go by what it says on my latest packet and tomorrow Monday I will ring my GP to clarify the difference. To compound matter I do what most people do I google the dosage and on one website it says two a day and on another it says no more than four a day, as to your Question that the doctor should have told me when I was prescribed the tablets she did but she was not the same doctor who prescribed Pregablin

  • Ok, I see!

    The latest prescription will be what the doctor wants you on now, probably as a starting point to see how youget on with it. You can always go back and explain that that dose isn't enough (or is) but as a rule, just because you were prescribed more beforehand, it doesn't mean that that can be taken straight away. It's all part of the doctor's duty of care and cost to not put you on the maximum dose straight off.

    You never know, this dose may work out for you; doctors are wary of someone demanding maximum doses of opiates when they haven't given the lower doses a try!


  • Hiya , 400mg capsules is the maximum daily dose .

    Not all medications are prescribed correctly , docs are only human and can make mistakes which is why pharmacists are good at helping , yes there are times where doc and pharmacist disagree however this is rare , you an take 100mg x 4 a day and not be treated for an overdose .

    Many times take what the doc has prescribed but you are entitled to question your prescription , if someone is on long term medication and the dosages change without prior discussions with dr's then this can be an error . The docs that print off and sign repeat prescriptions are not necessarily the Dr who the person has been in contact with and with a surgery having over 4000 patients I'm not sure how they are expected to get everything perfect all of the time . Moral of the story if your unsure always ask you have every right to . It's about your health your life and if medications aren't prescribed correctly and you always do what's on the label when it's different from your norm then check if it's correct .

  • Are the new ones modified release ?

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