Neuropathic Pain

Any help would be appreciated. Suffer from peripheral neuropathy and have constant burning up in legs which is driving me round the twist. Even the slight weight of clothing increases the pain. Take pre-gabelin 300mg (2 daily) Co-codamol 30mg (2 x 4 times daily) Duloxitene 180mg, Mirapexin 0.18mg, also take Vitamin B100 . My mobility is very poor especially in right side hip. Also suffer pain in abdomen after open surgery Hiatus Hernia.

Any help would be appreciated

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  • Medication review would be where I would start.

    Would lidocaine patches help at the worst areas - or would they be too small ?

  • Google Metanx, which is a special prescription formula of B vitamins and folate. Not the same as just taking the individual components, Metanx is absorbed better? It reduces my neuropathy about 50%, especially the night burning pains.

  • Thank you will try this

  • I have it 07863446322

  • I have it 07863546322

  • I have burning pain after my back surgery. The burning started in the sole of my left foot and is in my legs. Other than time (waiting for things to calm down ) there is little you can do. You should look into ketamine injections. I have not tried yet but it's a new therapy for chronic paina and nerve pain.

  • Hi. Have you tried foot reflexology? It's a holistic treatment where the therapist works on reflex points and areas of the feet. I use it in a hospital and we've had very good responses from patients suffering from peripheral neuropathy. Make sure you look for a qualified CHNC registered therapist in your area to ensure a professional approach.

  • Sorry of hear you are suffering so much. I've had inguinal neuropathy for about 7 years. I can definitely relate to the excruciating burning pain. You might find the pain in your abdomen and hip is due on the hernia surgery. hernia repair is one of the main causes of neuropathic pain. I take gabapentin, dihydracodeine, Tramadol, Oramorph, vitamin B etc. I have just had nerve blocks in my groin which have helped. Also just started taking CBD oil which is helping a lot.

    Hope you get some relief


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