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CRPS Global Awareness Campaign

Please copy this message and save it on your Computer to make it easier to use as you help Raise Awareness

With Kind Permission of Pip Williams and Rick Parfitt and thanks to the extraordinary talents of Joyride and Del Bromham

Below are the links to 2 CRPS Awareness Music Videos, Please take the time to watch both of them.

Then send this message to your Family, Friends, Work Colleagues, Send it to your politicians, if your are a sufferer try and get a meeting with them, in the UK ask them to join the APPG for Complex Regional Pain Syndrome. Send it to your local TV and Radio Stations see if they will do a segment with you and one of the videos explaining why it’s so important to raise awareness, your local newspapers. Send it to your Hospital, Doctors and Dentists. Post it on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest, on websites, forums and blogs, send it to celebrities and anyone else you can think of.

If you are willing to spend 15 mins a week doing this then please join us

CRPS Ain’t Complaining the MP3 is available to buy online all profits will go to helping sufferers.

If you speak any other languages please translate this message and the lyrics and send it to people in that country

Please subscribe to our channel for future videos


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Hermes123. I see a lot of abbreviations in post on this often ones I have not a clue what it stands for, one has to try and work it out from a number of conversations, that is a certainly a group I have come under for many years as all my joints are affected by one or another pain problems, yesterday I was in excruciating pain in my hands as a cortisone given two weeks ago has started to ware off already my head was thumping and nothing I could to reduce this pain, so yes I am interested in getting this message out there, because as i see it billions of pounds over the years must of been put into research! Yet it still lags behind all other forms of serious illnesses, despite so many papers being published over the years saying advances have been made, well in my case over 50. years very little has change to re leave suffering from pain.


In 4 years the NHS spent 439.7 millions on cancer research CRPS got £500,000

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Yes! I know the N.H.S. contribution are underfunded in respect of treatments for CRPS, that still dose not answer the question of all other private and business as well as research grants, yes the N.H.S. needs to do a lot more as we appear to be a dormant partner in regards to funding. You must remember I am talking of a period from 1969. when I spent three months lying on a wooden board watching the first man landing on the moon on a black and white TV. on the floor beside of me, that was for a trapped syntactic nerve, it was 13. years later I was operated on 1982. then considered a very high risk operation, I believe a lot of my joint problems stem from that time. some due to the different ideas that evolved! forget what you have been told to do, this is now the latest thinking so by all the changes done over the years, so called treatment of the day was wrong advice adding to one's condition, there are so many question I can ask myself. IF ONLY?


95% of the medical profession have never heard of CRPS so probably 99.9% of business have never heard of it

The Global Awareness Campaign aims to change that whether we succe4ed or not depends on how many people join in and actively spread the videos


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