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My New Years Resolution

To continue to fight as hard as I can and in every way I can for RSD sufferers, the diagnosed and the un/misdiagnosed, for those who are fighting to raise awareness and those who have joined my fight, for those who have thanked me and those who just sit back and let others fight for them, for the jealous assholes who have attacked me for what I have done and what I am trying to do, because only by finding a cure will we know if assholeism is a secondary symptom affecting some sufferers or whether these people are natural born assholes. Together this year we will make major steps forward in raising awareness and ensuring every medical professional throughout the world knows what RSD/CRPS is

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Well said my friend well said !!!

Can I ask you a question please ,

What do you say to people who eather should ask you or those who don't ask you what your medical condition is ?

As no one seems to know what RSD is or CRPS etc etc whatever the world is going to call it now apart from 'bloody painful' .

Thank you for all your hard work


I've been virtually housebound since 2011 so it doesn't come up. Just getting electric wheelchair so gonna have to figure that one out. Will probably say The Worlds Most Painful incurable condition and as 95% of the medical profession have never heard of it neither will you.

Best name for it is FIIKS

F'ed if I know Syndrome


Thank you again and I have one more question...

I ended up with CRPS from having a knee replacement and so every thinks Im just still recovering from having that done. I was going to just say yes it went wrong but I'm not going to now , I will spread the word about CRPS and what it is and hopefully they'll listen just a little


Get them to watch this and do the experiment


I find people tend to glaze over if I try to explain my problem so now I just say it is a problem with the nerves in my leg that dont work properly and most people seem to accept that


Interesting rant, however you can only change the world by changing yourself. A disease with the same symptoms can have multiple causes. Each person is an individual and each person needs the help and education to investigate their own health disability.

It is a minefield out their with each Health official playing to the crowd with a different set of false statistics. The basics of science takes years to learn.

To develop the tools to investigate your own health disability takes a long time. To try and engage a GP with a discussion as to what to investigate can be extremely difficult and requires lots of meetings just to find common ground. It is exhausting, particularly when the mind wants to sleep and recover from all the attention it has to do in order to keep painful conditions at a low level.

Hope you are able to move things forward in a constructive way.


Hi I have no idea what RSD/CRPS is but anyone who is willing to stick there neck out and fight for people in pain, I take my hat off to you and all I can say is all those sufferers should be grateful and join the fight against ANY PAIN.


Watch this and try the experiment


Research N-Acetylcysteine (NAC) and DSMO, which helps some people , though not all and the role of Substance P in CRPS or RSD.


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