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Lower back pain

2 Months before, I was doing my squat exercise in the gym and my form of doing the exercise went incorrect so the pressure came on my lower back on right side. After one week the pain on lower back came till the hip on right side. For almost two months there was pain in lower back.

Now, there is very less pain in the hip and lower back. But, now when i sit on the floor with my legs crossed or legs stretched, the legs and feet and buttocks go numb and there is tingling in my feet most of the times. Please help.

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Hi. I been there with the tingling. It sounds like a nerve is trapped in your back. In the past I found reflexology helped. Your siatic nerve goes to he heal if your feet. A reflexologist can definetly help with that. A massage is good too. A chiropractor worked for me but I would definetly try reflexology. I get shooting pains from my back all the way to my heals. Sometimes I need a pillow under my feet cause they are to sore. Another thing I was always told when you have back pain don't cross your legs, a big no no. I hope some of the above helps. I won't bore you with problems but if you want you can read my profile. Hope you feel better soon


I would think you need to see someone trained face to face to make sure of a diagnosis. None of can say what the problem might be . Only a doctor or chiropractor or physio can tell what exactly you have hurt.

I do hope you have stopped doing any exercises that hurt. Generally healing takes place slowly with the help of rest, gentle movement and icing the area to reduce inflammation.

But a trained examination soon



You need to ask a sports therapist or possibly a yoga teacher. They can both see what you are doing and hopefully correct the error in your technique. When injuries occur the body attempts to compensate in order to protect the injury. The problem is the compensation can modify the behaviour of muscles without you being aware that this is happening. hence the need to get someone to have a look at what you are doing.

Hope I have been helpful.


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