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Hurting really bad after transvaginal ultrasound

I have had this on going pain for 5 years now finally found a docotor that is going to do tests and surgery!! The ultrasounds were negative. I hate doing all these tests because nothing is ever found but this doc said, endometriosis lets do surgery to actually see what is going on. Just feeling very disheartened any advice?

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Having now found a sympathetic doctor, keep hold of him/her. The good ones are worth their weight in gold.

Good Luck


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I've been there. It has turned out to be needing hp replacement. Took around 6 years to get to that point in 2015 after a fall and GP sent me for XRay some weeks later when went for renewal of pain scripts etc. Cover himself I thought anyway even though had had X Rays earlier same hip bit of arthritis 2011 but normal wear and tear, now showing need Orthopedic Surgeon, only to find up to 2 years wait. Xray shows severe arthritis and necrosis. Meaning loss of bone.

So do check first off if a wait for hip surgery and if so take out private health as 1 year wait for pre-existing.

And have a scan maybe to see what is in groin if anything. I had this too nothing there but did think cancer. You didn't say age. But if you ever had car accident or injury to leg groin pain is in could be it as now told trauma can come home to roost in later life.

Good advice to take D 3. Google and see American RDA is 10,000 IU's.

Also if over 50 anyone should look at taking B12. CO Q10 150mg. And if muscles stiff or tight, tissue salts help this and for arthritis I have taken Sea Tone since 1983.

And left leg was injured in a road accident back then along with left knee and this, the surgeon told me just couple of weeks back when booking surgery via private health is cause often of later life arthritis and need for his profession. Trauma or sports injuries come home to roost in later life.

Keep smiling and dont give up - as i said I wish I had taken out private health way back saved up but not enough to cover this sort of thing. Have to wait a year for pre-existing and hip knee joints always counted as this.


Hi please pop over to the Endometrosis UK page on this site they are a very helpful bunch and have a lot of experience with ultrasounds etc. ultrasounds don't diagnose endo they only show blood filled cysts not adhesions which endo causes. Your doc is right a keyhole op is the only way to diagnose endo. Please don't worry though as I said if you post in the Endometrosis UK page they should be able to help you.

Good luck xx


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