Bad back

My first night on new pain meds this is the first night for months that I havnt screamed out in pain when turning over in bed, still surmising if it was the new pain patch or that I just didn't turn the same way as I normally do, I will have to see how it works as the week goes on, I have to change it after a week, I cannot see it working the same after a few days, but keeping my fingers crossed.

How the hell I am going to shower every day without the patch getting wet and coming unstuck I don't know, any good ideas of how to do that?

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  • No idea but others on here use patches so am sure someone will be along to help. In the meantime speak to your pharmacist. By their training they will be able to advise you.

  • Cling film and micropore tape :)

  • My favourite it Tagerderm tape I like the patches rather than the roll they don't come off and over the patch completely . I get mine on EBay much cheaper £9 for 50 they do come in different sizes. I was on Butrans patch and had the larger Tagerderm unfortunately I became allergic to the adhesive in the Butrans I'm on Fentynal now they are a lot smaller so I cut the Tagerderm in half. They are by far the best for keeping the patch on.

    Jen X I

  • I used 3m adhesive dressing cut to size - similar material they use for cannula dressings

  • Think the doc can give you waterproof covers x

  • Thanks for that,I will try

  • I use Butrans patches and don't cover them with anything? I haven't had a problem with them coming off when wet other than on my holiday when we were in the swimming pool (bliss!) The adhesive seems to cope ok with showering, I try not to get it too wet then afterwards don't rub it just pat it dry and it's ok?

  • I tried covering it this morning with a melolin patch but water got behind the melolin patch and it came off thankfully it didn't do any damage to my original patch

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