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At a last resort my pain Dr says he can do a rhyzotomy , in dec. their is nothing that they can do, IV had everything done to my back over the last year, . He said if this don't work, next option is to see a neurosurgeon yet again to see if he will do anything for me , I'm so frustrated, I hate all the meds I'm on . I did buy a tens machine and I'm intending to go back to work with the machine on all day, otherwise I feel I will end up in a mental hospital , I'm so fed up Terri

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I don't know what work you do bit is it possible to change or adapt what you do? This may help your pain

Remember pain management is just that...managing your pain while still having some capacity. If possible. Meds etc can't work miracles but if you work with them responsible they have their place




What is your diagnosis - what have the scans shown ?

Have you tried a way of managing your pain, like Pat suggests ?

I wouldn't be afraid of what your pain specialist is suggesting - i've had many and they help for a few months.

If tens helps, have you discussed a spinal cord stimulator ?




Yep I sirgested that but they don't do them on Medicare , you have to have full hospital insurance, and unfortunately I only got standard, ,it comes under prostheses, so I'm not covered, I can pay $50,000 , but haven't got that type of not an option yet, I have a bulging disc, which is trapping a nerve , causing sciatica, in both legs , I have facet joint disease ddd, and disc height loss, I suffer depression and anxiety, I'm a nurse, at the local hospital on a surgical ward, so it can get very busy, I must have had over 30 injections in my back, , nerve blocks coxic injections every disc has had an injection of some sort, IV had all these procedures under sedation, thankfully,I also suffer chronic fatigue which is a nightmare . now we are thinking of leaving Australia, so I can be with my family for 6 months in the U.K. (Cardiff) just feel I need support. Wonder if I would be eligible for a stimulator back in the U.K., wonder what the waiting time is Terri


You have not said what you have had done or done. There is everything a medical professional will do and then are the things alternative medicine can do.

Please can you tell us what you have tried.

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Please read my post above thanks , Iv had the rhyzotomys on L4/L5L5/S1. Now I'm wondering what is next any advice if these rhyzotomy s don't work


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