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I am new to this forum but have suffered chronic pain for eight years. I take Tramadol Amitripyline amongst others. I take these daily sometimes I take 6 Tramadol but mainly 8. I also use TENS heat patches relaxation and mindfulness. I do not take Tramodol to achieve a high I use them because I have pain. I object to people who class genuine pain sufferers and confuse them with others who take them for a high. I have to stay on the medication I am on and get upset to think people get muddled between my need and that of a opiate addict. I did not ask for my condition and hate the dependency I have on both my family and GP. I am sure others in my position feel the same.

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  • Totally agree with you. If some medication works for you stick with it. I tried to come off mine but could not stand the pain and lack of sleep so back on the ammitriptyline. Will see how I go. My ex used to call me names for using meds but when your desperate you need them. He soon took pain killers when he broke his wrist though. I'm learning to let other people's comments go over my head. I try to educate them about my illnesses but if they can't be bothered to try and be understanding then They are just ignorant. You take what you need its no-one's business but yours. Good look angel

  • Aww thanks I just get a bit confused why people get so high rate about Tramodol if you take it because you need it you are using it as a pain relief. If you pain reduces surely you reduce your meds. I envy people who have gaps in pain but I have it day after day. It affects every part of my life I struggle to find a pain life balance. I believe everyone has the right to cope in whatever way they find best be that meds or natural remedies. If you can work along side your condition the great for you! If not then do not judge those that cannot. I have been reading some posts on here and think we are all roughly in the same boat and all desperate for a respite from the daily hell chronic pain can be. Hope you are well.

  • Hi there, please ignore the ill -informed opinions of those ignorant people. I also have to take Tramadol and certainly don't get any kind of high from it. It's impossible to feel euphoric whilst suffering from whole-body CRPS. Maybe you should ask these people if they think that diabetics are "junkies" because they're dependant on insulin? Also, please stop beating yourself up because you need these meds x

  • Thank you Wen2016 I try not to get down about it suppose you do not realise until you are in the same or similar position. I was asked by my GP to talk to student Dr about chronic pain. Out of the six I think maybe three listened properly and appeared interested.

  • Oh dear...that doesn't bode well for the future... :-(

  • I understand where you are coming from on the opiate addict thoughts from family etc only person who understands and sees what I am actually going through my family keep sayin its about time i was off my oxycodone i try telling them i am on them for life or until they can fix my back the only surgery i was offered was told it had a 50% success rate if it didnt work id be left with pain weakness and possibly loss of feeling down my left leg! If it was 90% success id have gone for it but no way i was chancing getting worse so i was sent to pain clinic who started me on oxy which does wonders for the pain quite often need breakthrough meds but small price to pay for my qualiťý of life im only 40 and still work as a support worker for people with brain injuries i used to be a steel fabricator welder which i had to give up you should ask dr for a codeine based med as tramadol in high doses can cause seizures or raise risk of them hope you have a good day pain free

    Take care and good luck


  • Hi

    I too am only 40 my pain started after a surgery to save my life after a ruptured eptopic. I then had a large cyst and surgery for fused scar tissue, which they said would get me off daily morphine and thankful did I have been on Tramodol constantly for the last 7-8 years. I get breakthrough pain all the time. I will go to my Dr and see what else she can suggest although in the past she has sent me to pain clinic. I got my TENS there but miss appointments because of flare ups. A lot of the people at the pain clinic were on oxycodone and said good things. Other people who do not have constant pain do not know what it is like. Medication means you able to work so it is a necessary thing. Hope you are having a good day X

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