Back pain

Back pain

Hi all I'm new to this community and reading through some of the post seems like a lot of people are in the same boat as me with there pain. I've been living with pain for well over 20 years now but over the last 6 years it had gotten so much worst. I'm finding it more and more difficult to cope with. I've seen several docs and spine surgeon non who have every really been able to help other then give me pain meds, which don't really work no more. Lately I've been noticing how my arms and legs seem to be getting a lot weaker and most days I have a burning sensation in them walking for any distance is so painful I'm guessing this is caused by some sort of nerve damage but not to sure waiting on a neurologist appointment but it's already been 7 month and seems that I've still got a long wait ahead. Really hope that once I do get an appointment I might actually get a proper diagnosis no one so far has really explained what causes all the pain. The back surgeon just said there is nothing they can do and I just have to learn to live with it so not helpful. I've attached one of the pics of my last scan where you can see some of the problems. How do others cope with pain, does anyone in here have similar issues, what do you find helps.

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  • Hi I'm brendan what meds do you take ; I'm so sorry that you have been suffering for such a long time ,im on pretagablin and tramadol plus paracetamol

  • Thank you, Currently on nefopam and naproxen. Was on morphine for a long time but my body started getting used to it so no longer worked as well. I've also tried dulxetine, amitriptyline and many other combinations nothing really seems to help for long though.

  • Maybe consider an epidural in your back. I have spondylitis and my back pain can be terrible but I have yet to consider an epidural altbough I have known people who swear by them.

  • Have you been referred for a pain management course? If not it's well worth asking as they are useful for helping to come to terms with chronic pain. Some people respond well to steroid injections for back pain. I had some 3 weeks ago and unfortunately they've had no effect but I've met people who have had good results. Being dismissed with unhelpful comments like this are almost as bad as the pain itself. I hope you find something to help you soon.

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